• Jerry Cantrell

    Jerry Cantrell

    “…I always think of it you know I always have, you have to remain in touch with the fan inside yourself and I always use as a benchmark if I wasn’t in this band would I buy this record? Would I play this record? Would I love this record? And the answer so far has been yes.” From Bio: Beyond […]

  • James Michael of Sixx:A.M. (Video Interview)

    James Michael of Sixx:A.M. (Video Interview)

    “I think for all three of us it gave us the opportunity to stop, and look back and appreciate everything that we’ve been through and we’ve done and we’ve accomplished.” From Release: Sixx:A.M. will release Hits on October 22 via Better Noise Music. The album is a retrospective celebration of the iconic band’s biggest hits and fan-favourite songs, that will also include […]

  • Phil Knight of Shihad

    Phil Knight of Shihad

    “Even though we’ve always been a political band wanting to sing about equality and against injustice and everything from the beginning, and still do.” If anger is an energy, then ‘Old Gods’ – Shihad’s 10th studio album – could singlehandedly power our capital city for a year. ‘Old Gods’ is a step into fury for frontman Jon Toogood whose lyrics […]

  • Josh Todd of Buckcherry (Video Interview)

    Josh Todd of Buckcherry (Video Interview)

    “Whenever this band is faced with a lot adversity we always make our best records…” Buckcherry will release their 9th studio album Hellbound on June 25th.  The 10-track record was produced by Marti Frederiksen, who previously produced the band’s 4th album, Black Butterfly, and co-wrote one of their biggest hits ‘Sorry.’ Frederiksen co-wrote the majority of the album along with […]

  • Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick (Video Interview)

    Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick (Video Interview)

    “I tell people we haven’t progressed, it’s like I like what we were doing early on, we’re not trying to go out of our way…” From Release: Founded in 1974, Cheap Trick are an indisputable American institution, beloved around the globe for their instantly identifiable, hugely influential, brand of pop rock ‘n’ roll. The band – Robin Zander (vocals, rhythm […]

  • Luke Morley of THUNDER (Video Interview)

    Luke Morley of THUNDER (Video Interview)

    “When I was a young man I used to write songs about chasing girls and drinking too much like we all do. I’m too old for that now so I’ve got to look at the world around me and draw inspiration from that.” From Release: British hard-rock heroes, Thunder, have announced the release of their 13th studio album ‘All The […]

  • Alice Cooper (Video Interview)

    Alice Cooper (Video Interview)

    “Well you know I was born in Detroit, that’s my home town and I think it’s in the DNA that when you’re born there you’re a hard rocker…” From Release: Named for the city that launched the original Alice Cooper group on the road to success, “Detroit Stories” follows last year’s “Breadcrumbs” EP as a modern-day homage to the toughest […]

  • Jess Harnell of Rock Sugar

    Jess Harnell of Rock Sugar

    “The cool thing about it that’s really great is that if you ever liked anything about metal or pop or the 80’s this is your band because it takes the stuff that you already love and gives it to you in a new way combined with other stuff that you’ll love even if sometimes you won’t admit that you love […]

  • Orianthi


    “…the thing is with an album we don’t want to make the same record over and over again, and I don’t want to bore myself and I don’t want to bore the people that have been following me, I don’t like to call them fans they’re more like supporters and people that just dig your music because you want to […]

  • Photo: Travis Shinn

    Spencer Sotelo of Periphery

    “I think just to give people a sense of hey this is what it was like when things were good let’s remember the good times and even if it’s only an hour of listening to live music you can close your eyes and feel like you’re at a show, feel like you’re a part of it so I feel like […]

  • Max Cavalera of Killer Be Killed

    Max Cavalera of Killer Be Killed

    “I think people more than ever now they need music, and more than ever they’re home with not much to do and you need your fix of metal, your fix of music and I’m glad this album is coming out…” From Release: The whirlwind of heavy, fast, melodic, thrashy, and often meditative bombast, with sparks of hardcore punk, summoned by KILLER […]

  • Fran Healy of Travis

    Fran Healy of Travis

    “…the conversation went along the lines of “why are we putting a fucking record out? The world is exploding, do people really want to hear another Travis record? Really, does anyone give a shit?”…” From Release: It’s been twenty-five years since the four members of Travis first set foot in a Glaswegian rehearsal room. At various points along the trajectory […]

  • Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    “2020 can go and get stuffed as far as I’m concerned *laughs* the fact that on March the 14th every bit of work that I had or that we had lined up for the year got called off, that was pretty devastating for every band in the country really, every act, every performer.” Faced with an uncertain future and cancelled […]