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The Tea Party – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney – June 21, 2024


Tonight at The Enmore Theatre which is without doubt one of the temples of The Tea Party we are here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brilliant TRIPtych album and I know I’m excited to hear how this will be done and how this ever loving Tea Party crowd will absorb the energy and amazingness that is this band live. It’s a sight to see and a sight I never miss when they’re in town.

The lights dim and the music start to play as he band take the stage to rousing applause Jeff Martin warms up the fingers taking us into ‘The Halcyon Days’ and there’s just something about the groove this band has and as the volume gets turned up to 11 they belt out the opener and what a way to start things off tonight. ‘The Bazaar’ is tuned in who knows what tuning but god I love this band and how they do what they do. As that riff hits, it’s on, and I’m sure I’ll mention this a few times but I love the sound this three piece band makes on stage, there’s not many can do it the way The Tea Party can. Jeff addresses the crowd and introduces ‘Underground’ which was great to hear live and throwing in some ‘Walk on the Wildside’ mid song was perfect as it seamlessly kicked back into ‘Underground’ and as Burrows drives it home they are note perfect. ‘Psychopomp’ is next and this Tea Party classic is always a treat to hear live. It’s Stuart on that piano that makes this one so haunting and lets the song build and build and it’s just magical. The musical crescendo is something else here. This tune is the perfect Tea Party live song as it’s moving and that’s what this band does so well.

Some Jeff Buckley with ‘Last Goodbye’ leads into ‘The Messenger’ which even though a cover has practically become a Tea Party song and they make it more than their own. Jeff always gives this one 100% and tonight was no different. Damn I love hearing this and I never tire of it at one of their shows. After that amazing rendition, Jeff takes to a stool with an acoustic and back to TRIPtych with ‘Gone’ and some excellent tambourine work from Burrows. A nice one to slow things down and a beautiful track I’ve never heard live before so that was awesome, as was ‘These Living Arms’ and what a masterpiece that is. That just may be my favourite of the night so far. Wow that was something. Another guitar change and the bow along with it as Jeff hauntingly begins ‘Save Me’ and then some almost tribal beats run through this one to really make it stand out. The crowd is well and truly warmed up and the way they belted this one back to the stage had Jeff Martin smiling which is definitely a site. Taking this track into ‘Samsara’ worked perfectly. What a groove. After some impressive drumming from Burrows they take it back into ‘Save Me’ to close that one out. Wow this crowd is something!!

As the double neck comes out it’s time for my favourite, ‘Heaven Coming Down’ and this mix is so good tonight as the bass really stands out and as I say that Stuart plays that familiar riff from ‘With or Without You’ by U2 and the Tea Party version is perfect. Before bringing it back around to finish off ‘Heaven Coming Down’ and I’ll never get tired of that song both live and recorded. It’s just one of the best. Jeff gives the crowd a 10/10 in his own review so I’m hoping he knows that this band easily gets a 10/10 from me too.

Story time before ‘Temptation’ and this heavy beast gets super chunky and this monster deservedly gets the love. God this band is tight and have not missed one note tonight. Testament to a band that’s been doing it for so long and do it better than most. This is impressive. The band gets their dews and take a well deserved break.

Today, June 21 is in fact the ‘Winter Solstice’ so it’s only fitting that this one takes its place in the set. Jeff sits on the drum riser and plays it perfectly as Stuart and Jeff join in to build the intro before The Captain takes to the mic. Then an insanely good drum break and with Stuart manning the hurdy gurdy this is classic Tea Party. Absolute power sounds like ‘Sister Awake’ and what a way to close out this set. They just get better and better as ‘Paint it Black’ gets a run oh and so does ‘Heroes’ sure why not and hearing Jeff’s vocals on these songs is damn cool. Rounding things back to close out with more of ‘Sister Awake’ and with that this brilliant set is done.

Just wow. That’s the best I’ve ever seen The Tea Party play, tonight was something else. A masterclass.


Essential Information

Venue: The Enmore Theatre – Sydney

Date: June 21, 2024


Set List:
The Halcyon Days

The Bazaar



The Messenger


These Living Arms

Save Me / Samsara

Heaven Coming Down


Winter Solstice

Sister Awake

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