Below is a brief list of FAQ’s that may help you to interact with our content, website and us!  If you still have questions left unanswered, then please get in contact with us!

What music do you cover on May The Rock Be With You?
Well the short answer is ROCK.  You have to understand that our music background and likes are incredibly eclectic under the banner of ROCK.  Hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, AOR, alternative rock, pop rock, sleaze rock, punk rock, melodic rock, hardcore, thrash metal, country rock, southern rock, black metal, nu-metal, modern rock, acoustic rock, grunge, instrumental guitar, stoner rock, classic rock, Aussie rock, we have covered it all at some point in time!  I guess you could consider us a pretty genreless website in that regard, other than the common thread of rock or metal!

Will you review my…?
CD’s, EP’s, independent artists, live shows, DVD’s, major label artists, Australia, USA, Sweden, Italy, you name it, we are pretty much willing to review most things.  If you have something you think we should consider for review, please get in contact with us at mtrbwy(at)maytherockbewithyou(dot)com, but due to the amount of material we get approached to review, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to review everything.

When contacting us for potential review, it’s actually really awesome if you tell us what your band is called , send us links to your website with more info and ideally links to your music online – rather than an email full of MP3’s.  That may sound like it’s stating the obvious to some of you, but we are constantly amused with some of the email(s) we get sent and the lack of detail!

Will you interview me or my favourite band?
If your name is Butch Walker, then hell yeah!  Our “feature” interviews cover the biggest, best and baddest names in rock.  We like a challenge, so please email us if you would love to see us try and interview a particular artist!  If you know of an artist that would like to be interviewed by us, then please send them our way.  We have some pretty extensive networks out there as far as sourcing interviews go, so we try and feature as much variety as possible.

What is a Best Thing (You’ve Never Heard)?
This is our way of giving some exposure to up and coming talent around the world and we obviously try and give as much coverage as we can to local Australian artists.  Generally the acts featured are hand picked by ourselves, so thats what makes them a “best thing” and given they are generally unsigned and brand new acts we feature, that’s why “you’ve never heard” them!

Will you feature my gig in your tour section?
If you have a gig/tour that you want us to publicise, then please send us the details and we will feature it.  FYI our tour section is really only intended to cover major tours of AUSTRALIA by either international or Australian artists of relevance to the music we cover on this site.  It is not intended to cover tours happening overseas or be a comprehensive guide to local “gigs”, we recognise that there are far better websites out there with local gig guides that do it far better than we ever could…but as we said, email us about your tour/gig and we will happily post up the details!

What is your YouTube channel all about?
There is so much new music out there and with YouTube being the way of the world these days as far as music videos go, what better way for us to recommend new music to you lovely people than with our own YouTube channel.  Each week we will feature a playlist of what we consider to be some of the hottest new music clips out there!  Please contact us if there is a music video or band we need to be featuring…but please be aware the theme of the playlists is for NEW music, as opposed to your favourite video clips from back when MTV actually played music!  www.youtube.com/maytherockbewithyou