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Taylor Acorn – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – March 10, 2024


I’ve been following Taylor Acorn since her country days and I’m stoked to finally get to see her live as she makes her debut in Sydney tonight. I’m highly doubtful I’ll get my favourite ‘Back to You’ but hey I’m excited to hear live what Taylor has become as her newest album is sensational.

Chez is opening tonight and I’m impressed. This is catchy, this is fun, and most of all it’s really good. Between the mix of pop punk to an almost R&B style ballad. I’m impressed. Definitely keep an eye out for more on Chez soon…

Straight into it with newest single ‘Gray’ Taylor Acorn hits the stage running and what a start and introduction to the Sydney crowd. Not wasting any time she heads into ‘Wishing You Hell’ and she is not messing around. The notes are high and they’re hit so well, as she gets the crowd involved with ‘I Think I’m In Love’ and it’s so cool to see an artist here for the first time getting this amount of love. ‘Sticking Around’ is one of my faves of Taylor’s and hearing it live was so damn good. Greeting the crowd with an “I’m Taylor by the way” and it’s so cute, pretty sure everyone here knows judging by the reaction thus far. Next up is ‘Coma’ and after a do over this massive power ballad kicked into full gear, and was so glad it made it into the set. Taylor’s voice is so damn powerful and that was so good. What a song.

Throwing on an acoustic guitar she takes it back to her country days with ‘True Crime’ which I wasn’t expecting but was so happy to hear. We go from country straight back to the rock with ‘Basement’ which did what it needed to do and it kicked ass. A new song called ‘Greener’ is next and the unheard is always a risk but holy shit that was awesome. Damn, Taylor we need that ASAP. Then into ‘Everything Sucks’ which was expected in the set but man was so good as everyone dug that. Then as ‘In My Head’ kicked in with everyone clapping and with that damn hook this one is one of the best, that’s how you chorus! The obligatory crowd photo and shoey well, fishy (you had to be here)… we head to the title track of Taylor’s latest album ‘Certified Depressant’ which they all know and you can just see how much a show like this means to her tonight. This is impressive. Commanding the crowd the way she does we have arms waving and there’s just love in here tonight.

We’re heading towards the end of the set, only a few to go sadly. ‘Good Enough’ Taylor introduces as her favourite song off of her latest album and it just became many others here tonight’s favourite too. That was powerful and perfect at this point of the set. ‘Psycho’ is the “last song” of the night and this pop punk rock goodness is a perfect way to close out the set. The band leaves the stage to an immediate “one more song” chant and we are treated to just that. ‘Shapeshifting’ is our closer and oh wow they love this one, as they have all of the tracks tonight.

Having the opportunity to see this gig tonight in such a small venue is something else. I once saw the other Taylor on her first trip too in a small venue and we all know what happened there! So I can guarantee this Taylor won’t be doing these venues next time. So to those here that got to see it tonight, kudos. This was an awesome short, sharp, and rockin’ set to introduce Taylor Acorn to Australia and I’m stoked I was here for it.


Essential Information

Venue: Oxford Art Factory

Date: March 10, 2024

Presented by: Destroy All Lines

Supported By: Chez


Set List:
Wishing You Hell
I Think I’m In Love
Sticking Around
True Crime
Everything Sucks
In My Head
Certified Depressant
Good Enough

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