• Max Cavalera of Killer Be Killed

    Max Cavalera of Killer Be Killed

    “I think people more than ever now they need music, and more than ever they’re home with not much to do and you need your fix of metal, your fix of music and I’m glad this album is coming out…” From Release: The whirlwind of heavy, fast, melodic, thrashy, and often meditative bombast, with sparks of hardcore punk, summoned by KILLER […]

  • Fran Healy of Travis

    Fran Healy of Travis

    “…the conversation went along the lines of “why are we putting a fucking record out? The world is exploding, do people really want to hear another Travis record? Really, does anyone give a shit?”…” From Release: It’s been twenty-five years since the four members of Travis first set foot in a Glaswegian rehearsal room. At various points along the trajectory […]

  • Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    “2020 can go and get stuffed as far as I’m concerned *laughs* the fact that on March the 14th every bit of work that I had or that we had lined up for the year got called off, that was pretty devastating for every band in the country really, every act, every performer.” Faced with an uncertain future and cancelled […]

  • Luke Spiller of The Struts (Video interview)

    Luke Spiller of The Struts (Video interview)

    “We had no idea that we were going to be bringing the mases and entire album I mean this was just a complete fluke, dare say accident and what a joyful accident it was…” From Release: The third full-length from British rock band The Struts, Strange Days came to life over the course of a charmed and frenzied burst of […]

  • Paul Guerin of Quireboys

    Paul Guerin of Quireboys

    “That’s one of the great beauties of this band, it’s not some strict regime and the audience are very involved.” From Release: Quireboys have been at the forefront of rock music for nearly four decades. Following the band’s inception in London in 1984 – originally as The Choirboys, then The Queerboys, before settling on the less controversial name of The […]

  • Wayne Kramer of MC50

    Wayne Kramer of MC50

    “There’s a lot of guys that can really play but they’re assholes and I don’t be in a band with them anymore…” From Tour Release: Detroit’s proto-punk/hard rock band MC50, will bring their ‘Kick Out The Jams: The 50th Anniversary Tour” to Australia.  Known as MC50 for the forthcoming “Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back” tour, the supergroup features MC5’s Wayne […]

  • David Coverdale of Whitesnake

    David Coverdale of Whitesnake

    “It’s one of the reasons I’m doing this at this time in my life, I’m still having more fun than I can with my clothes on.” From Release: Founded in 1978 by former Deep Purple singer David Coverdale, the band have earned multi-platinum albums including ‘Trouble’, ‘Lovehunter’, ‘Ready And Willing‘ and ‘Come An’ Get It‘ through to the explosive hard rock of the revamped ‘SNAKE sound […]

  • Geoff Tate

    Geoff Tate

    “…people really relate to music and they feel strongly and fiercely and about certain songs and man, as a performer standing up there and performing it, you feel that, you feel the audience and what they’re feeling, it’s a very powerful feeling…” From Release: Multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Geoff Tate is regarded as one of the most skilled and […]

  • Art Alexakis of Everclear

    Art Alexakis of Everclear

    “…we’ll be doing all our hits but we’ll be going deep into a lot of our earlier records and songs we haven’t played for a while so I think it’s gonna be fun.” From Release: Veterans of alternative rock, Everclear almost walked away with a Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for their track ‘El Distorto De Melodica’ in 1998 as well as […]

  • Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

    Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

    “…it’s been a beautiful thing, just this feeling of family and unity and not that we didn’t feel that before but it’s just been elevated this time around.” From Release: Halestorm have toured extensively with a diverse variety of artists, including Eric Church, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, ZZ Top and Evanescence – and were here last earlier in […]

  • Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia

    Adam Gontier of Saint Asonia

    “We wanted it to be a step up from the last one and each record we make the plan is to make it better than the last so yeah I could say in a few different ways we tried to do that this time around.” From Release: Since their emergence in 2015, Saint Asonia quietly positioned themselves to progress and […]

  • Lorraine McIntosh of Deacon Blue

    Lorraine McIntosh of Deacon Blue

    “…it has to be the best night of their life and that is what we strive for, whether we achieve that or not is not for us to say but we really strive, these gigs are important…” From Release: DEACON BLUE are one of Scotland’s most famous and successful bands, from their million selling debut album ‘Raintown’ (with classic singles ‘Dignity’ & ‘Chocolate Girl’), […]

  • Jack Jones of Southern Sons

    Jack Jones of Southern Sons

    “The idea actually does have an appeal and it’s not just celebrating the music but it’s kind of getting to celebrate it together.” From Release: It has been more than two decades since iconic 1990s four-piece Southern Sons performed together. Now, in a special coup for music fans, the beloved band are coming back together for a 2019 Reunion tour, […]