• Pat Monahan & Jimmy Stafford of Train (Video Interview)

    Pat Monahan & Jimmy Stafford of Train (Video Interview)

    “For twenty years we’ve been dodging bullets and somehow consistently making music, then you think maybe all artists who have lasted time are Bulletproof Picasso’s at some point…” On their promo tour of Australia we were lucky to sit down with Pat Monahan and Jimmy Stafford of Train for our first video interview to discuss the band’s new album ‘Bulletproof [...]

  • Ed Kowalczyk

    Ed Kowalczyk

    “I’ve been continually blown away but not only how much fun I have but by how much the fans enjoy it, and I really feel like I’ve gotten better at it over the years because like having done all the shows I’ve done to where the sets are really now these emotional trips over maybe over an hour and half [...]

  • Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

    Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

    “There’s something quite magic when you go out there and you live for the moment, in the studio everything is for eternity and you start thinking in those terms because I better be careful what I put down on this album because I have to live with it forever and ever, where with the live show it’s just for now, [...]

  • Sin Quirin of Ministry

    Sin Quirin of Ministry

    “Yeah, this is it man, people who are fans of the band and see we’re playing or haven’t seen us yet, or want to see us for the last time, this tour is definitely one to attend.” From Bio: From the schizophrenic opening cut, the sarcasm-dripping, sound effect-laden “Hail to his Majesty” to the thrash-punk riffs and booming bass reverberations [...]

  • Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory

    Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory

    “I feel like we have kind of this new beginning in a way, I feel like the band is closer than we’ve ever been, I also feel that one of the biggest things why I also love being in my band is that we can be who we are without having to worry about anything.” From release: New Found Glory [...]

  • Chris Motionless of Motionless In White

    Chris Motionless of Motionless In White

    “Not that we’ve died and gone and came back but we feel that we’ve put a lot of what we used to be and things that we weren’t fond of and our mistakes of the past, we just buried them and let them die and came back as the new entity that we are now…” From release: Motionless In White [...]

  • Matt Jones of The Treatment

    Matt Jones of The Treatment

    “…we’re just a good time rock and roll band so we come along and bring the noise and bring big riffs and big shows and stuff like that so we’re just all about having a good time and having fun, so we’ll come on stage and get everyone involved, get everyone’s hands clapping, having a drink and just having a [...]

  • Matthew Wright of The Getaway Plan

    Matthew Wright of The Getaway Plan

    “I would say if there’s anything that I can give away about the new stuff is that it’s a lot more raw and a lot less polished than our older stuff, we just kind of have decided to step away from the over produced thing as much as we can this time around and just sort of make it as [...]

  • Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory

    Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory

    “…it’s been a roller coaster that’s for sure, it’s evolved into a business machine that’s really kept up with the times, managed to stay relevant, managed to mostly put out good music, you can’t always hit a home run, but we’ve always put out the music we believe is right and pertinent to the times…” From Bio: The shadow of [...]

  • Mike Portnoy of Flying Colors

    Mike Portnoy of Flying Colors

    “This time around we were able to breathe and enjoy as we now knew what each other’s personalities were like and we now knew what the sound and style and direction of the music was because we had already established that. So I think this time we were able to just relax and let everyone breathe a little more.” From [...]

  • Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra

    Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra

    “In the past we had a producer or someone involved that was able to tell us “That’s great” or “That’s awful.” After 12 months of working on something you can get it in your own head and have no center on what is good. In the end it brought us together into something bigger and better.” From tour release: Atlanta [...]

  • Louise Post of Veruca Salt

    Louise Post of Veruca Salt

    “Well the stars definitely had to align for this to happen the way it did and some of it is mysterious to me and poetically so, because none of us imagined that we would do this again and I don’t think any of us had harboured any secret hopes that it might happen.” From Tour Release: Finally! The news Veruca [...]