• RSO – Richie Sambora & Orianthi

    RSO – Richie Sambora & Orianthi

    “I’m super proud of our work on this, it has been a real journey, working with Richie has been so great. We continue writing all the time together; it comes very naturally.” From Release: Richie Sambora and Orianthi are joining forces for a new, genre-spanning musical project under the name RSO that sees these two platinum-selling singer-songwriters and world-class guitarists teaming up as a duo and […]

  • Jimmy Barnes

    Jimmy Barnes

    “I think the thing that’s kept me going is that I like to work hard, I have also been blessed to work with a lot of great people.  Not many get to start out a career with a band as good as Cold Chisel, that’s pretty lucky.” From Release: Jimmy Barnes is the heart and soul of Aussie Rock and Roll. […]

  • Gilby Clarke

    Gilby Clarke

    “I try to be honest with my music it’s the only way I know how to do it, I’ve never as they say chased the tail I don’t go ‘I do it for my fans’ I do it for me, I think it’s important as an artist to be true to yourself, write the music that turns you on.” From […]

  • Photo: Robert Smith

    Mike Portnoy of Sons of Apollo (Video Interview)

    “I’ve kind of strayed away from the progressive metal genre for the last seven years since I left Dream Theater. So I guess for me this line up is a chance to dip my toes back into that world.” From Release: The new supergroup featuring members of Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Guns ‘N Roses, and Journey. For the past few […]

  • Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe

    Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe

    “Imagine if you dreamed you want to be in a band but you’re not quite sure what it would be, it was that times a thousand because it was on fire, like the way it took us and took us around the world but we didn’t know that, we didn’t know what it was, we didn’t how to react and […]

  • Alex Band of The Calling

    Alex Band of The Calling

    “…so for me I’m still here and I’m still writing and creating the music that everybody fell in love with from the beginning. It might sound more up to date, it might sound different a little bit but for the most part they’re big songs you would hear in stadiums, they’re anthemic, lots of big songs and just a lot […]

  • Derek Sherinian of Sons of Apollo

    Derek Sherinian of Sons of Apollo

    “We knew once the record came out that people would really hear that we’re a rock band, that this record is primarily based in hard rock and classic rock but we have these progressive rock moments and you can hear the virtuosity throughout…” From Release: The new supergroup featuring members of Dream Theater, Mr. Big, Guns ‘N Roses, and Journey. […]

  • Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse

    Bryce Soderberg of Lifehouse

    “…we don’t try and recreate the first record over and over again, we try and grow but we definitely feel fortunate that if you hear a Lifehouse song you’ll know that it’s Lifehouse, and that’s a good thing for us.” From release: Los Angeles-based Lifehouse broke through in a big way when “Hanging by a Moment,” from their debut album […]

  • Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow of Anvil

    Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow of Anvil

    “I mean you always want more, you just don’t want it to end, I just want continuance, ultimately to me I’m happy with continuance as long as I can continue it’s all good, man. That’s all you can ask for is more of being able to.” With 16 albums under their belt and their 17th one on the way, ANVIL […]

  • Matt Caughthran of The Bronx

    Matt Caughthran of The Bronx

    “We’ve been reborn, we’re playing really, really well right now and everyone’s hyped on the new record, the new songs sound just so mean live, everything is focused and really fuckin’ good right now if I can say that without sounding like an idiot.” From Release: Famous for leaving a trail of exhausted, boozy, sweaty and supremely satisfied bodies in […]

  • Stuart Chatwood of The Tea Party

    Stuart Chatwood of The Tea Party

    “I think the way we frame things is perhaps different from other bands, there’s always been this desire to be timeless and have melodies and songs that strike as songs of quality and not caught up in the moment.” From Release: 1997 was an epic year. Steve Jobs returned to Apple, J.K Rowling published her first Harry Potter book and […]

  • Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium

    Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium

    “…it’s kind of gotten stronger over time, that Matt, Corey and I always really had each other’s backs and always been able to work out differences, and always working towards the same goal and we always know what we want and we’re working towards that together.” From release: Trivium catapulted into the first ranks of modern metal with 2004’s Roadrunner […]

  • Chris Jericho of Fozzy

    Chris Jericho of Fozzy

    “…we wanted to do a record that’s almost like ‘Hysteria’ or ‘Appetite For Destruction’ or ‘Kick’ from INXS your countrymen, or ‘Back In Black’ you know, albums that just had songs that every single one on the record could be a single.” From Release: Fozzy has always been about a heavy groove and a good time. And when you have two […]