• John Corabi

    John Corabi

    “…you know I have this weird knack of doing records that like The Scream even the Union stuff when it was out people paid attention to it but not much, same with the Motley record but then literally twenty or twenty five years later everybody’s like ‘oh god it’s like a cult classic’ *laughs* where were you guys twenty years […]

  • Bonnie Tyler. Copyright: earMUSIC, credit: Tina Korhonen, www.tina-k.com

    Bonnie Tyler

    “I didn’t realise I’d been in the business for fifty years until I saw the sticker on the front of my album saying ‘Celebrating fifty years in the business’ I’m thinking bloody hell I don’t even feel fifty let alone being in the business for fifty years.” From Release: Marking no less than the complete reinvention of a wonderful and […]

  • Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil

    Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil

    “It really felt like it was a rebirth for us so we really spent a lot of time both in and out of the studio making sure that we wanted to lay some solid groundwork for Pop Evil moving forward in the future…” From Release: Simply put, POP EVIL is a larger-than-life true rock n’ roll band blending the earnestness […]

  • Kram of Spiderbait / ARC

    Kram of Spiderbait / ARC

    “It’s funny, a lot of the times with these sorts of supergroups, they’re good on paper but they might not necessarily work on stage as well as you would hope, but this one has got a really special energy to it. So it was a nice accident that came together and here we are.” From Release: In celebration of Abbey […]

  • Patrick Robertson of Motor Ace

    Patrick Robertson of Motor Ace

    “Thirteen years since we’ve been on stage I think if it’s not gonna happen now it’s never gonna happen you know?” From Release:  It’s 2001, you’re driving home from work, flicking through the radio stations, and Five Star Laundry by Motor Ace is being played on triple j, Triple M and a bunch of other stations in between.  Then, as […]

  • Laurie Vincent & Isaac Holman of Slaves (Video Interview)

    Laurie Vincent & Isaac Holman of Slaves (Video Interview)

    “We’ve kind of spent a lot of our career trying to make our record as good as our live show because we’ve been known as a live band.” From Release: Slaves Since first bursting out of the UK pub scene in 2012, Slaves have gone onto become of the UK’s most ferocious live bands, and their brand of high-energy punk rock […]

  • Josh Todd of Buckcherry

    Josh Todd of Buckcherry

    “…change is really good for Buckcherry as painful as it is sometimes but you know the old line-up it just wasn’t a united front for like three years before it actually happened, so it was a long time coming, people are much happier, the people who left and the people who are here now and Buckcherry is thriving again…” From […]

  • Rob Halford of Judas Priest (Video Interview)

    Rob Halford of Judas Priest (Video Interview)

    “I call ourselves a working metal band, and what I mean by that is it’s all relevant to making yourself relevant, and for as long as this band has been together we’ve always gone out on these big worldwide treks supporting our latest music. So this is like doing again what we’ve done since Rocka Rolla in nineteen seventy blah […]

  • Anders Fridén of In Flames

    Anders Fridén of In Flames

    “…it’s a hobby that turned into a job that still in some ways is a hobby, I love music I listen to great music and it couldn’t be better, I couldn’t be happier. I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to do this for a long time.” From Release: At this point, IN FLAMES are less of a band than they are […]

  • Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

    Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

    “The whole album is pretty much a celebration of the love for the abnormal *laughs* I can say, and I can relate to that and it’s a very heartfelt and honest album.” From Release: AVANTASIA, the all-star rock opera spaceship piloted by EDGUY singer, songwriter and producer Tobias Sammet, have released their eighth full-length album, ‘Moonglow’, via Nuclear Blast Records. […]

  • Mark Morton

    Mark Morton

    “For the most part I wasn’t chasing people around in fact honestly I was flattered and kind of humbled at the same time to find in most instances the people I reached out to were willing to listen and once they listened they wanted to be a part of it.” From Release: Mark Morton, the prolific guitarist of Lamb of […]

  • Kin Etik of Twelve Foot Ninja

    Kin Etik of Twelve Foot Ninja

    “… there’s no difference in preparation whether or not we’re playing to a small room of 100 or a festival with 10,000 people it’s all the same… ” From Release: Get ready. Twelve Foot Ninja are coming for their first headline tour of Australia in two years. The hard rock outfit have cemented a cult following off the back of their brand […]

  • Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain

    Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain

    “…this time around I mean personally I just enjoy it more now because we’re still here, whatever it was we were doing we’re doing it right because we’re still here and you just chill out more now.” From Release: Brothers William and Jim Reid led THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN to become pioneers of the post-punk notion. Like mad scientists, the brothers would concoct formulas of […]