• Nathan Young of Anberlin

    Nathan Young of Anberlin

    “…when our name is brought up and in the conversation of music and this genre and this decade, if it’s just remember as good dudes and the guys that put music out that they loved and it felt real and it felt honest, if those were the words that were used to describe us and our career, that to me [...]

  • Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More

    Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More

    “…we just kind of told ourselves that we’re going to do this with or without a label, so we kind of stopped caring about getting signed. Then when it happened and we saw the amount of power that it had and to have this team of people and capital behind you, it just fanned that flame that’s always been inside [...]

  • Joe Principe of Rise Against

    Joe Principe of Rise Against

    “I think over the years bands can deviate from their sound and I feel like we haven’t. The sound of Rise Against is very present on ‘The Black Market’ and that just means the world to me, once we deviate from that sound, that’s when I start to worry *laughs*” From Bio: After 15 years, and six incendiary albums, Rise [...]

  • Scott Kay of Voyager

    Scott Kay of Voyager

    “It’s because the fans are the ones who make or break the band. They are the ones who buy the CD’s, merch, whatever they want to buy. We are grateful that we have some seriously dedicated fans, and they should be recognised as being the reason we’re still here.” From Bio: With four full-length albums under its belt and shows [...]

  • Shaun Morgan of Seether

    Shaun Morgan of Seether

    “The biggest challenge really is to just stay around and to stay relevant and to keep making music that people want to listen to, and to keep challenging yourself every time you make an album as you have to retain a sound that is comfortable and familiar but you also have to make it more interesting and personable with some [...]

  • Andy Williams of Every Time I Die

    Andy Williams of Every Time I Die

    “I think it’s honestly like in our head, that the minute that this becomes a compromise and doesn’t feel fresh, I don’t want to do it anymore, that’s the one thing with all of us, the minute it feels like work is when it’s time to just hang it up, like I don’t want to do that you know?” From [...]

  • Rob Hirst of Midnight Oil

    Rob Hirst of Midnight Oil

    “It’s funny how the years pass and you can think of the camaraderie and the busses and just the thrill of the band when things would take off and send a shiver up your spine on stage when we literally blew the roof off places or we just walked off the stage with 60,000 people out there knowing that every [...]

  • Joe Satriani

    Joe Satriani

    “I think that’s always the key, you’ve got to write great music and put all the entertainment stuff on the side and just try to concentrate on writing great music and you will eventually connect with your audience.” From Bio: One of the most influential and respected instrumental rock guitarists to emerge in the past three decades, Joe Satriani is that [...]

  • Dez Fafara of DevilDriver

    Dez Fafara of DevilDriver

    “I love the stage man, there’s no two ways about it. I love writing music, I love singing music, I love everything about music. I get up every day and all I do is listen to music, all day long until I go to bed and it’s every genre, man…” From Tour Release: While many bands in the modern era [...]

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson

    “When we talk about solo albums or the identity of Jethro Tull vs Ian Anderson, it doesn’t to me, nothing changes, I’m just doing what I do, after all these years living on the increasingly, incredible, unbelievable identity theft of a historical character’s name I would prefer my twilight years to be performed as Ian Anderson rather than Jethro Tull…” [...]

  • Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro

    Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro

    “… I’d almost go as far as to say we’re grownups now, possibly… I don’t know… we’re certainly the right age to be grownups, but I don’t know we’re mentally grownup yet, we kind of went from school bus straight onto tour bus, so that’s just put us in a perpetual state of adolescence…” From Tour Release: Biffy Clyro have [...]

  • Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction

    Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction

    “Well, it’s like a metaphor but it’s also very straight forward as well. I live near the ocean and it’s a very calming place for me and a place where I find great escape from any sort of problems in my life…” From Press Release: Urgent, aggressive, and remarkably cathartic, Let The Ocean Take Me is The Amity Affliction at their most [...]