• Bert McCracken of The Used

    Bert McCracken of The Used

    “I think playing the songs is the opportunity to get to hash out the emotion that was originally recorded in the song but it’s incredible how the lyrics and the true deeper, feeling, meaning of a song kind of transcends through time if you let it.” From Release: Over the last 15 years The Used have released a collection of albums that […]

  • Brent Fitz of Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

    Brent Fitz of Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

    “The new record sounds like a very well-oiled machine of guys that do really understand each other well and I think it is our strongest body of work because of all that experience we’ve had together…” From release: Slash has amassed album sales of over 100 million copies, garnered a GRAMMY Award and seven GRAMMY nominations and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of […]

  • Elize Ryd of Amaranthe

    Elize Ryd of Amaranthe

    “…but we thought if we make it to the fifth album we can kind of explore ourselves and develop our sound in what we believed in the more extreme direction…” From Release: Four albums into their career, Amaranthe have racked up north of 118 million YouTube views and half-a-billion song streams, have landed at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart […]

  • Max Cavalera of Soulfly

    Max Cavalera of Soulfly

    “…I think we’re all very connected to rituals whether it be inside your own life, or society, or in metal, there’s a lot of rituals in metal I just found it a word I was completely attracted to this word and I thought it would be great.” Two decades into their storied career, SOULFLY continue to engender near cultish zeal with each […]

  • Dee Snider

    Dee Snider

    “So it’s really unique and a chance for people to reconnect with me and like I said, I’m pretty awesome in these speaking engagements that I do and then I get to rock out on the other night and do what I actually do best and that is front a metal band.” From Release: He is one of the most […]

  • John Steel of The Animals

    John Steel of The Animals

    “I’ve got to say this quite honestly, everything we’ve done I’ve thought there’s nothing wrong with that, I still love to do it, I still love playing these songs.” From Release: THE ANIMALS are one of the most influential and admired bands to emerge from the British Invasion. THE ANIMALS will return to Australian stages this November, bringing with them […]

  • Bruce Dickinson

    Bruce Dickinson

    “I don’t take myself terribly seriously and I think some people find that they imagine that I probably do because I’m in a big heavy metal band and everything and I do all these things, but I do see the absurd side of life and most of life is kind of absurd when you actually get down to it.” From […]

  • Andrew Fisher of Basement

    Andrew Fisher of Basement

    “The main thing really was just to take our time and really focus on any kind of aspect we could make sense of and try our best to do that…” Formed in Ipswich, England, Basement ­is comprised of brothers Andrew Fisher (vocals) and James Fisher (drums), Alex Henery (guitar/vocals), Ronan Crix (guitar) and Duncan Stewart (bass). Together they have earned global acclaim for their deeply personal and earnest compositions. Beside […]

  • Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard

    Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard

    “So we all feel like we kind of deserve this and we’ve earned it to get back to where we are now and we really feel like we’re one of the more competent bands on the circuit you know, and we still have for all intents and purposes an originality to the band…” From Release: Rock icons, DEF LEPPARD, have […]

  • Mike Kroeger of Nickelback

    Mike Kroeger of Nickelback

    “Well it’s really, really important to us to be impactful and leave people feeling like they saw a great rock show, if you’ve seen them all you know that the band can play, you know that the band can sing and the show is going to be something that’ll leave a mark on you…” From Release: Nickelback return to Australia […]

  • Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo of Skid Row

    Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo of Skid Row

    “Well I think we’re at a stage of our careers where we’re humbled by the fact that we get to do this for a living, and not that we were never thankful for that before but I think that as time goes on and as you get older you start seeing things in maybe in a slightly different light.” From […]

  • Jon Toogood of Shihad

    Jon Toogood of Shihad

    “There’s something to be said for playing with the same four guys for thirty years, there’s a sort of element of tightness that you can only get from that familiarity between those four characters…” From Release: Picture this… 1988, Bob Hawke is Prime Minister, Australia dumps $600 million bucks of tax payer cash on Expo 88, Home and Away hits […]

  • Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria

    Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria

    “…I think a lot of Coheed fans that are in for the long haul and what is all the facets of The Amory Wars are gonna be really excited about what this is.” From Release: The Unheavenly Creatures is Coheed and Cambria’s eighth studio album. Their furious return to concept albums (15 songs over 78 minutes) is the ‘First Act’ in […]