• Scott Ian

    Scott Ian

    “…I just kind of winged it the first time, so had a lot of questions for myself, mainly what do I do? How do I start? It’s not like with Anthrax, when I’m going on stage I don’t have any questions, I know what I’m doing, whereas this I had never done it before…” From release: Legendary heavy metal musician, [...]

  • Christian ‘CC’ Coma of Black Veil Brides

    Christian ‘CC’ Coma of Black Veil Brides

    “…we’re just five dudes playing in a band and we’re just fortunate to be in a position to help somebody in a time of need or have a positive influence on somebody’s life, but lyrically a lot of our message is positive and inner strength and to get through the hard times and stuff, so I think a lot of [...]

  • Chris Mojan of Fireworks

    Chris Mojan of Fireworks

    “…being in Australia is amazing. Definitely a place when you’re a kid growing up in The States you’re not sure if you’re gonna go or if you just plan for it to be a place you wanna go, so being able to go there and see so many parts of it and actually tour is pretty special…” From Bio: Since [...]

  • Nick Diener of The Swellers

    Nick Diener of The Swellers

    “…that’s the thing, people are already talking about our legacy saying we deserved better or we deserved to be bigger or whatever, which is nice, but I would hate to be remembered that way because it makes us look like we were so shitty *laughs*” From Bio: THE SWELLERS got their start in 2002 when brothers Nick and Jonathan Diener [...]

  • Peter Iwers of In Flames

    Peter Iwers of In Flames

    “… if we start paying attention to that and start focusing on what other people might think, then we lose ourselves. We always go into the studio and we always do things like this, we don’t listen to any managers, we don’t listen to any record company or anybody that want us to do the same things in a different [...]

  • Iggor Cavalera of Cavalera Conspiracy

    Iggor Cavalera of Cavalera Conspiracy

    “I have to say that I really had a good time you know like me and Max really push each other to do certain things and to play certain ways and this album was no different, it was really about that, about pushing each other and trying to do something that at the same time that was fun as I [...]

  • Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    “…it’s unreal, we kind of pin it on the fact that we spent probably the first at least ten years of the band constantly on the road and releasing stuff and building up a loyal legion of fans that have come to gigs and supported the band come hell or high water.” The upcoming national tour for The Screaming Jets [...]

  • Scott Owen of The Living End

    Scott Owen of The Living End

    “…we’ve all got plenty of ideas of our own, but we haven’t even really shared them with each other, we’ve just booked all time and said let’s just get into a studio for the next couple of months, we’ll come out and do these Barnesy gigs and just keep going back to the studio and keep working on new shit [...]

  • Buz McGrath of Unearth

    Buz McGrath of Unearth

    “…it’s hard for a band like us who you know what you’re going to get when you get an Unearth record, but we kind of wanted to change that, we took it so extreme and we upped the technical level so much that I think it’s gonna make some noise and people are going to be forced to talk about [...]

  • Pat Monahan & Jimmy Stafford of Train (Video Interview)

    Pat Monahan & Jimmy Stafford of Train (Video Interview)

    “For twenty years we’ve been dodging bullets and somehow consistently making music, then you think maybe all artists who have lasted time are Bulletproof Picasso’s at some point…” On their promo tour of Australia we were lucky to sit down with Pat Monahan and Jimmy Stafford of Train for our first video interview to discuss the band’s new album ‘Bulletproof [...]

  • Ed Kowalczyk

    Ed Kowalczyk

    “I’ve been continually blown away but not only how much fun I have but by how much the fans enjoy it, and I really feel like I’ve gotten better at it over the years because like having done all the shows I’ve done to where the sets are really now these emotional trips over maybe over an hour and half [...]

  • Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

    Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

    “There’s something quite magic when you go out there and you live for the moment, in the studio everything is for eternity and you start thinking in those terms because I better be careful what I put down on this album because I have to live with it forever and ever, where with the live show it’s just for now, [...]