• Michael Sweet of Stryper

    Michael Sweet of Stryper

    “As I was writing the album I was really trying to make sure that each song made its own statement, musically, lyrically, in terms of energy it was very important to me that every song stood on its own yet at the same time that we retain the continuity and it had a great flow from beginning to end that’s […]

  • Sébastien Lefebvre of Simple Plan

    Sébastien Lefebvre of Simple Plan

    “…I think that hopefully the fact that the songs are good has something to do with it, aside from that I think something that we’ve noticed over the years is whenever we’re very, very personal with a song that’s when people can relate to it the most.” From Release: Multi-platinum Canadian pop-punk legends SIMPLE PLAN will bring their ‘No Pads, […]

  • Ross Knight of The Cosmic Psychos

    Ross Knight of The Cosmic Psychos

    “I’m not quite your Axl Rose who sits down for six months to just find two words, mine just falls out of my ass really quickly and if I don’t write it down quick I’ll forget about it, so I think for every eleven albums I’ve written songs for I’ve probably forgotten fifty albums.” From Release: The Psychos are back, […]

  • Joey Tempest of Europe

    Joey Tempest of Europe

    “…we do stuff together but we also try to dig deeper with each record and find the expression rather than copy ourselves from the past or anything, we think there’s room for nostalgia in the live concert but in the studio we don’t find any room for nostalgia like that.” From Release: Sweden’s legendary hard rock band EUROPE, best known […]

  • Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther

    Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther

    “…we want Steel Panther to be a place where people can come and be a freak for ninety minutes, that’s always been the message. We have fun and we figure if it starts with us and it goes out to the crowd then they’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna have even more fun.” From Release: The Sunset Strip’s favourite […]

  • Tim Alexander of Primus

    Tim Alexander of Primus

    “When we’re in the studio we’re kind of writing as well, we don’t sit and record everyone’s parts together, then one person might know what he’s doing and the other ones won’t and it wouldn’t make sense.” From Release: Primus is responsible for some of the most cutting edge and original rock music of the 1990’s. They were strictly an […]

  • JD Cronise of The Sword

    JD Cronise of The Sword

    “…I think these days I think I’ve observed a lot more just because time has passed and I’ve had time to do so and I’ve just taken in and studied a lot more music and just the craft of song writing.” From Release: Even at this point in their career, there can often be difficulty when it comes to describing […]

  • Jahred Gomes of (hed) p.e.

    Jahred Gomes of (hed) p.e.

    “I can’t just say whatever pops into my head these days because I have a ten year old son and it really does affect me. When there probably was a time I would write or sing anything just to shock people now I would not take that path artistically.” From Release: Fusing rock, punk, rasta, gansta rap and soul into […]

  • Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro

    Ben Johnston of Biffy Clyro

    “I think as you watch us there are some bands you can tell they’re putting it on, but we very much mean it and we demand a lot of ourselves and I think people see that and then put that kind of pressure on themselves and boost themselves to get into it and keep us going…” From Release: Biffy Clyro […]

  • Andrew Strong

    Andrew Strong

    “…it’s a great thing and it’s not that often that you can be a part of something where you can talk about, actually it’s been more than twenty five years, it’s been twenty seven years since the movie so yeah it’s great, great that it stood the test of time.” From Release: In 1991, Strong was introduced to the world […]

  • Andrew W.K.

    Andrew W.K.

    “I feel very much like I did back in 1998 / 1999 I’m still climbing the same mountain, maybe I have some new tools I certainly think that through practise and continued effort you develop additional skills and refine your approach to get into that peak but I still haven’t gotten to that climax and in way I’m thankful because […]

  • Michael Schenker

    Michael Schenker

    ”… I haven’t been listening to music since I was seventeen and haven’t copied anyone since I was seventeen, I became a trend maker rather than a trend follower and so I just always make sure because my focus is the lead guitar, the art of lead guitar is pure self-expression that’s what I do.” From Release: Michael Schenker is […]

  • Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society

    Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society

    “I mean everyone asks, “Zakk, is this a greatest hits record?” and I say no in order for it to be a greatest hits record you need that one vital, important ingredient and that would be hit songs, we don’t have any hit songs. So that’s the reason it’s ‘Grimmest Hits’.” From Release: One part invading horde and all parts […]