• Todd Hunter of Dragon

    Todd Hunter of Dragon

    “…it’s great to see how it’s travelling whether they get forgotten, so yeah it’s a great thing. I think the first time we heard it we were driving across the harbor bridge and it was like ‘Wow!’ it was amazing, we were all hanging out the windows.” From Release: When it comes to iconic songs, there are few as anthemic […]

  • Satchel of Steel Panther

    Satchel of Steel Panther

    “…there’s going to be people that hate us and always hate us and always leave bad reviews on iTunes and those people can just suck my dick, but for us we’re a really consistent bitchin’ heavy metal  band and if you’re into bitchin’ heavy metal that gets pussy this is another bitchin’ record, so…” From Release: Lower The Bar is Steel […]

  • John Brewster of The Angels

    John Brewster of The Angels

    “…it’s a rock band and it’s a great rock band, we rock out and it’s quite an experience you know? I mean it blows me away *laughs* listening to the band, I play the rhythm guitar and I’m part of it but just listening to what everyone’s doing it’s just an absolute high, it’s a fantastic high without the drugs […]

  • Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party

    Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party

    “The difference is that you have to be on point and you have to sort of relearn the songs in their intimacy and in the simplest way without any diverging off on any tangents so it’s a bit of a mind fuck if you know what I mean, you’ve gotta really stick to it *laughs* so it’s a bit of […]

  • Jessica Pimentel of Alekhine’s Gun (Video Interview)

    Jessica Pimentel of Alekhine’s Gun (Video Interview)

    “We just really want everything to mean something and we want it all to connect and be fluid, so it’s kind of like the most fitting name for us and we wanted to be taken seriously, serious like a chess game. So yeah, something that’s concentrated and focused…” In Sydney, Australia on holidays while her partner Tomas of Meshuggah is […]

  • Wednesday 13

    Wednesday 13

    “It’s fun for me too, it’s like a live meet and greet I take questions, I tell stories, I play songs so it’s live a live meet and greet I get to sit and tell stories with my fans and we’re all just in the same room with a real intimate setting…” From Release: With a vivid and vile imagination […]

  • Herman Li of Dragonforce

    Herman Li of Dragonforce

    “I wouldn’t say we ever do anything like dramatically different, it’s almost like little changes we do continuously so it’s like continuous little steps of development like a human evolution kind of thing *laughs*if that makes any sense…” From Release: International metal superstars and power metal speed legends DRAGONFORCE have revealed that they will be touring Australia as part of […]

  • Danny Bowes of Thunder

    Danny Bowes of Thunder

    “I think we’ve always been very honest with our fans about the good and the bad, I think they respect that, I think they understand that like I said before we’re always determined to give them a good show and give them the best performances and we’ve never been a band that wants to make the same record over and […]

  • Mike D of Killswitch Engage

    Mike D of Killswitch Engage

    “Australian audiences pay attention to bands that don’t necessarily make it over too much and I feel like they pour their heart and soul into that dancefloor when you do finally make it over. We’ve been fortunate enough to be over a few times and every time feels like the first time…” From Release: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE re-defined heavy metal with the […]

  • Andrew McMahon of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

    Andrew McMahon of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

    “I think because I was writing a lot of the record while I was working the first Wilderness record and the fact that so much of that process was a new adventure, it was a big risk I think stepping away from Jack’s Mannequin and taking time off and then jumping into this project. So I wanted to capture some […]

  • Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders

    Damon Johnson of Black Star Riders

    “We work very fast together, there’s no ego, there’s a lot of mutual respect, there’s a lot of knowledge and just a real passion for music, again, all genres of music and all the elements that we like, so we’re looking forward to a long relationship together…” From release: There’s a beautiful purity to the finest rock ‘n’ roll, a […]

  • Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

    Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

    “Some shows are more special than others like in Australia they’re energetic shows and people are getting into it and you can tell that they’re enjoying listening to the music you know. So it’s a great feeling walking on stage, adrenaline. It’s a treat really.” From Release: The evolution of OPETH as a band is wondrous, witnessing spine-tingling music which […]

  • Ben Barlow of Neck Deep

    Ben Barlow of Neck Deep

    “The fact that I am living my actual dream is the best thing about it, and every aspect of that is everything I ever wanted, I haven’t lost sight of what my dreams and aspirations are, I’m still very grounded, I still appreciate and respect everybody, none of us have let an ego go to our heads at all…” From […]