• Eric Martin of Mr. Big / Avantasia

    Eric Martin of Mr. Big / Avantasia

    “…it’s epic tunes about fantasy and heaven and hell and all points in between, it’s probably like ten concerts in one, you’re gonna go away and you’re gonna be stunned at the end of it and you’ll be like what the hell just happened?” As the AVANTASIA dates, inch closer and closer to Australia, set for impact this May, the cast of […]

  • Ted Lundström of Amon Amarth

    Ted Lundström of Amon Amarth

    “…we always fight to get to the next level, this kind of fire burning all the time, I think this is what you need as a band to reach somewhere, you really need to have this spirit to work hard and always look to what can we do next time…” From Release: Comprising 12 monstrous heavy metal anthems that bulge […]

  • Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    Dave Gleeson of The Screaming Jets

    “…we just wanted to get out there and sweat and rock and play music to people and get them pumping, So that’s kind of where we’ve kind of hung our hat.” From Release: Celebrating 30 years The Screaming Jets are taking a step back in time and revisiting their musical history. Not much has changed since 1989 when nobody knew […]

  • Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi

    Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi

    “I think that we are a band that really enjoys it and we’re a band that really loves giving the crowd a good time, I don’t think we take ourselves too seriously and I think that’s something I’m really proud of…” From Release: It’s been twenty years since Hooper Siblings Killing Heidi released their disarming folk pop song, ‘Kettle’ on triple j […]

  • Noel Hogan of The Cranberries

    Noel Hogan of The Cranberries

    “I realised that that day that this was it, this was the last time we’d do this and it has been our entire lives really, it’s defined our lives in many ways, it’s been amazing but it’s kind of sad to let it go as well but I think it’s the best thing to do for now.” From Release: The […]

  • Minoru Niihara of Loudness

    Minoru Niihara of Loudness

    “Live is everything, well how can I describe this, it’s kind of hard to describe in English, we love playing music, we want to share happy times with our audience. Live is everything for us.” From Release: Formed in 1981; LOUDNESS released their first album The Birthday Eve and it created a huge stir on the Japanese Metal scene. In 1983 LOUDNESS hit the west and […]

  • Danko Jones

    Danko Jones

    “…we’re not rewriting anything, we’re not reinventing anything, but we’re just trying to make the best hard rock music we can and I think we’re doing it.” From Release: Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t no luxury item. It’s essential. It’s the blood in our veins and the fire in our hearts. And nobody does it better than DANKO JONES. Danko Jones […]

  • Clint Lowery of Sevendust

    Clint Lowery of Sevendust

    “This last tour we really just felt very comfortable and we found a niche, there’s a really good thing going on right now and we want to keep going with it.” From Release: Sevendust first forged a familial tie amongst each other in 1994 that translated into one of the most die-hard audiences in the game. To this day, the connection […]

  • Keri Kelli of A New Revenge

    Keri Kelli of A New Revenge

    “We have a record out and we’re very proud of it and we hope the rock and roll people and community are digging it as well.” From Release: Supergroup is a term that has been diluted over time. Throwing a bunch of people from other bands into a new project doesn’t automatically make them Super, but their bio’s will tell […]

  • Dave Bickler

    Dave Bickler

    “…because of the ridiculous visibility of my past work with Survivor and ‘Eye of The Tiger’ and all that I don’t have to start from scratch. It does give me a platform to have people listen to new music and give it a shot.” From Release: The voice on one of the most instantly recognizable and celebrated rock anthems of […]

  • Matt Halpern of Periphery

    Matt Halpern of Periphery

    “…the name itself hopefully let’s people know that despite the seriousness of the level of hard work we put into the record and I guess in some ways how serious the music sounds, we as people in the band we do not take ourselves seriously whatsoever, we’re a bunch of goofballs and we definitely want that to come through despite […]

  • Stephen Christian of Anberlin

    Stephen Christian of Anberlin

    “We were tired, tired of the road, tired of our jobs, tired of our lives, and tired of each other, again there wasn’t any animosity but it definitely took about a year for people to start talking to each other again.” From Release: Australia holds a special place in the hearts of ANBERLIN and fans similarly embrace the band with […]

  • John Corabi

    John Corabi

    “…you know I have this weird knack of doing records that like The Scream even the Union stuff when it was out people paid attention to it but not much, same with the Motley record but then literally twenty or twenty five years later everybody’s like ‘oh god it’s like a cult classic’ *laughs* where were you guys twenty years […]