• Iva Davies of Icehouse

    Iva Davies of Icehouse

    “So really over the last four years we’ve become quite a family and I think that the guys are actually very, very proud of what they produced, they know the band very well, they know the material very well, and at a certain point the muttering started of we should actually record all this stuff because the band has never [...]

  • Matt Taylor of Motion City Soundtrack

    Matt Taylor of Motion City Soundtrack

    “Basically we took about a year to write songs which we’d never done before, so we had a lot of material diving into that period to choose from to put on the album, so it was actually a bit tedious trying to pick all the best ideas, we actually felt like we were very productive, we made a lot of [...]

  • Keith Nelson of Buckcherry

    Keith Nelson of Buckcherry

    “All these bands are afraid of being in a rock and roll band, all these bands are trying to reinvent the wheel, people around especially in the United States are saying that rock and roll is dead and we just say fuck all that, rock and roll is not dead and we’ll believe until you can believe again.” From release: [...]

  • Michael ‘Padge’ Paget of Bullet For My Valentine

    Michael ‘Padge’ Paget of Bullet For My Valentine

    “We’re still all kind of young, we’ve got a fire, an ambition and we just want to be a timeless band, we want to be as big as we possibly can, reach as many fans as we can and just continue to make music, I mean that’s the main thing, right?” From Release: Over the course of their career, Bullet For [...]

  • Mike Mushok of Saint Asonia

    Mike Mushok of Saint Asonia

    “…I’m enjoying this, I enjoy working with Adam, I’m very proud of the record we made and I think it’s only the beginning of what we’ll be able to do. There was two very hard decisions that we’ve had to make as a band, one was deciding on the name and figuring out what that was going to be, and [...]

  • Andrew McMahon of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

    Andrew McMahon of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

    “I met a bunch of people along the way that really excited me and inspired me in a new way towards creating and I think about after a year or so of kind of time away from making music for myself, I jumped in and started writing songs and gearing up to start the Wilderness project.” ANDREW MCMAHON needs no introduction [...]

  • Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

    Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

    “Whereas now we just do what we do, we haven’t really changed our formula, we haven’t done anything too extremely different, we are who we are and that’s really all I can say about that *laughs*, obviously as technology evolves it helps us create records a little more easier and faster.” From release: With Genexus, FEAR FACTORY forges a new hyper-alloy of sound, [...]

  • Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah

    Vinnie Paul of Hellyeah

    “…it’s hard to keep the ship floating in the right direction when you’ve got some people that are trying to lean it off to the side. So once we were able to get rid of the people that were the problem, everything really fell in line with myself, Tom and Chad, we’ve always been on the same page and we [...]

  • Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth

    Dani Filth of Cradle of Filth

    “Our interpretation of that was obviously the opposite, putting the hammer in the witches hands so they have the power, it’s about retribution, revolution, revenge I guess… because we’re not particularly a Christian band so we can entertain that notion.” From Release: Unquestionably one of the greatest and most influential British metal bands of all time, CRADLE OF FILTH have cast a [...]

  • Louise Post of Veruca Salt

    Louise Post of Veruca Salt

    “…the album really tells our story from breaking up to getting back together and beyond, and I look at each song like  a page ripped out of an old notebook, we’ve really looked at our past and studied it, and tried to get to the essence of what broke us up and why we couldn’t stay together as a band…” [...]

  • Shaun Morgan of Seether

    Shaun Morgan of Seether

    “Musically I think nothing’s changed and I think we’re more comfortable than we were back then, back then it was more of a question of ok we have to find where we fit in the musical landscape, we have to find where we fit in and I think now we just don’t care about that, we just write music we [...]

  • Gin Wigmore (Video Interview)

    Gin Wigmore (Video Interview)

    “I’ve really exposed myself in many ways musically, emotionally and I guess I’m at a point now, 28, and I’m kind of like you just can’t give less of a fuck at what people think, you get more self-aware, I feel like I’m just open and I’m at a place that I’m cool to write about that now you know…” [...]