• Virgil Donati

    Virgil Donati

    “…I’m always struggling with myself to try and define those new ideas, those fresh things that happen spontaneously in the spirit of inspiration which is what I’m into on the drums, it’s not all about the written parts or the composed parts it’s about what you can bring to it, what energy you can bring to it, your expressive purpose.” […]

  • Malcolm Bruce of The Music of Cream

    Malcolm Bruce of The Music of Cream

    “So we don’t play it note for note the way the guys did back in the day or sort of try to mimic it or anything like that, we just really get inside of it and make it our own at the same time respecting it as part of the tradition of popular music I guess.” From Release: The Music […]

  • Richard Patrick of Filter

    Richard Patrick of Filter

    “Filter is a band that looks at the worst things in society and says why and what is that and let’s talk about this strange phenomenon that is humanity. You know, a guy holds a press conference and blows his head off I want to understand that and I want to sing it from a perspective of his perspective.” From […]

  • Brandon Saller of Hell or Highwater

    Brandon Saller of Hell or Highwater

    “I mean it’s a lot more musical freedom and we’re building something from the ground up and it’s a whole different group of friends and a different kind of vibe, it’s a whole new experience of building a band again from the jump and for me that’s the fun part it’s the chase…” From release: Hell or Highwater, featuring Atreyu […]

  • Pekka Ansio Heino of Brother Firetribe

    Pekka Ansio Heino of Brother Firetribe

    “Brother Firetribe it’s all about positive vibes, it’s melodic rock music to the max, I mean what we’re always after is to put out a song that makes you do push ups *laughs*, makes you want to go running, I don’t know. It’s all about the hooks, the big sound and good vibes and if you put on a Brother […]

  • Daniel Estrin of Voyager

    Daniel Estrin of Voyager

    “What hasn’t changed is that it’s still very melodic, atmospheric and still very heavy and it’s got something for progressive metal fans, it’s got something for rock fans, and something possibly for electronic and pop fans as well. I think it just continues that symbiosis of melody and heaviness that I think Voyager is so renowned for.” From Release: VOYAGER’S […]

  • Photo: Robert Smith

    Mike Portnoy

    “Not only is it closure for me as an artist wanting to do it, but I think there’s some closure for the fans as well because there was a fear that once I left Dream Theater this would never actually happen, so there’s a sense of unfinished business in finally getting to do it.” From Release: MIKE PORTNOY is a […]

  • Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper

    “I think that there’s a certain amount of theatricality that they expect from us, and of course they’re expecting a great band and they’re expecting those songs to sound great but I kind of think we’re like the Barnum and Bailey circus that comes to town every once in a while, they know that the Alice Cooper show is going […]

  • Peter Criss

    Peter Criss

    “…when I do these things where I go out and these people that I meet blow my mind *laughs* it’s like they’re so die hard over us that it’s nice that you’ve got your die hard Paul’s, and Gene’s and Ace’s and then I’ve got mine, and most bands don’t even have that where they have so many fans that […]

  • Atom Willard of Against Me!

    Atom Willard of Against Me!

    “I do like to say we’re a real high energy live show and everybody’s very happy to be there, everybody on stage is excited to be where we’re at and we’re all having the most fun. We take it seriously, it’s not goofy by any means but we take having fun very seriously too.” From Release: Celebrated American rock band Against […]

  • MALIBU, CA - July 12, 2016 - Helmet, rehearsal

    Page Hamilton of Helmet talks ‘Betty’

    Ahead of their upcoming Australian tour, we caught up with Page Hamilton from Helmet to muse on the band’s 1994 game-changing album Betty, a record which will be featured in full at shows across the country this April and May. If you were a fan of heavy guitar music in the days after Nirvana went stratospheric, there’s a chance that […]

  • Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

    Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

    “…when we come to a place like Australia and you’ve travelled a long way and people just go nuts and it’s brilliant, that’s why you do this, that’s the reason you perform anyway because you feel the energy in the room, and there’s nothing like it, we’re just very lucky I think.” From Release: Rejoice, Australians fair, in your home […]

  • Corey Glover of Living Colour

    Corey Glover of Living Colour

    “…we’re always constantly learning stuff, something new has to be learned when we’re together, someone is always going to come up with something we don’t know, so that’s something new and I love that and I love that I’m constantly learning and I’m constantly getting an education.” From Release: Spearheaded by guitarist Vernon Reid, Living Colour emerged onto the scene […]