• MALIBU, CA - July 12, 2016 - Helmet, rehearsal

    Page Hamilton of Helmet talks ‘Betty’

    Ahead of their upcoming Australian tour, we caught up with Page Hamilton from Helmet to muse on the band’s 1994 game-changing album Betty, a record which will be featured in full at shows across the country this April and May. If you were a fan of heavy guitar music in the days after Nirvana went stratospheric, there’s a chance that […]

  • Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

    Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

    “…when we come to a place like Australia and you’ve travelled a long way and people just go nuts and it’s brilliant, that’s why you do this, that’s the reason you perform anyway because you feel the energy in the room, and there’s nothing like it, we’re just very lucky I think.” From Release: Rejoice, Australians fair, in your home […]

  • Corey Glover of Living Colour

    Corey Glover of Living Colour

    “…we’re always constantly learning stuff, something new has to be learned when we’re together, someone is always going to come up with something we don’t know, so that’s something new and I love that and I love that I’m constantly learning and I’m constantly getting an education.” From Release: Spearheaded by guitarist Vernon Reid, Living Colour emerged onto the scene […]

  • Jon Lawhon of Black Stone Cherry

    Jon Lawhon of Black Stone Cherry

    “…I like the fact that the Australian audience has no pretense it’s kinda like if they feel like moving around and having a good time they do, they’re not worried about the guy next to them and what he’s thinking they just cut loose and have a good time which is what it’s all about.“ From Release: Hard Rock Heroes […]

  • Jon Stevens

    Jon Stevens

    “Music is a positive, beautiful thing to share with other people and make people happy and I fuckin’ love that, I love that aspect of singing and performing and making music and sharing it with people in a live environment you’ve got that one moment in time and that’s it, so I just live for that moment really.” From Release: Jon […]

  • Tim Henwood of Palace Of The King

    Tim Henwood of Palace Of The King

    “I guess because we started out very small and we built it up through the pubs and clubs it’s just enabled all of us, me included to just be creative and just enjoy the music, have fun and not think about anything other than that you know?” As far as Aussie rock goes you can’t beat a band out there […]

  • Like a Storm

    Like a Storm

    “…I suppose one of the things about rock and roll is you can’t really plan out how it happens, you just sort of roll with the punches and you do your best and you’re grateful for the opportunities you have, so I think it’s all the more special to go home and play now having done the things we’ve been […]

  • Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

    Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge

    “So I think with each record we get maybe a little bolder here and there with our approach with arrangements and not being afraid to test the waters, and that’s fun, it keeps it interesting as opposed to just having to write three minute singles you know?” From Release: Orlando, Florida-based rock legends Alter Bridge are returning to Australian shores […]

  • Ernie C of Body Count

    Ernie C of Body Count

    “Twenty five years ago we wrote ‘Cop Killer’ and we were young and thinking we were going to change the world, so twenty five years later we’re basically writing the same stuff. Over the years musicians have lost their voice, their scream and put into the music the way the people really feel, the outrage of the people should be […]

  • Todd Hunter of Dragon

    Todd Hunter of Dragon

    “…it’s great to see how it’s travelling whether they get forgotten, so yeah it’s a great thing. I think the first time we heard it we were driving across the harbor bridge and it was like ‘Wow!’ it was amazing, we were all hanging out the windows.” From Release: When it comes to iconic songs, there are few as anthemic […]

  • Satchel of Steel Panther

    Satchel of Steel Panther

    “…there’s going to be people that hate us and always hate us and always leave bad reviews on iTunes and those people can just suck my dick, but for us we’re a really consistent bitchin’ heavy metal  band and if you’re into bitchin’ heavy metal that gets pussy this is another bitchin’ record, so…” From Release: Lower The Bar is Steel […]

  • John Brewster of The Angels

    John Brewster of The Angels

    “…it’s a rock band and it’s a great rock band, we rock out and it’s quite an experience you know? I mean it blows me away *laughs* listening to the band, I play the rhythm guitar and I’m part of it but just listening to what everyone’s doing it’s just an absolute high, it’s a fantastic high without the drugs […]

  • Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party

    Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party

    “The difference is that you have to be on point and you have to sort of relearn the songs in their intimacy and in the simplest way without any diverging off on any tangents so it’s a bit of a mind fuck if you know what I mean, you’ve gotta really stick to it *laughs* so it’s a bit of […]