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Kix – Live In Baltimore (CD)


When it comes to releases on Italian label Frontiers Records, nothing really surprises anymore.  So when I heard the winds blowing news of a live KIX CDC/DVD to be released in 2012 and a brand new studio release in 2013, despite the fact that the band haven’t had any recorded output since essentially 1995, I didn’t even batter an eyelid.  Of course Frontier Records had now added KIX to their stable of hard rock/melodic rock stars I nodded to myself…

The recently recorded Live In Baltimore, recorded in their hometown at Rams Head Live sees KIX deliver a classic set, that on recorded form displays all the rawness for which the band are renowned.  With a lineup of Steve Whiteman – Vocals, Ronnie “10/10” Younkins – Guitar, Brian “Damage” Forsythe – Guitar and Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant – Drums there’s only Mark Schenker on Bass that wasn’t in the original KIX lineup.    No Ring Around Rosie kicks off the set, which is one of five tracks on the CD featured arguably their best album, Blow My Fuse – at least it’s mine haha!  The air-raid siren hails the arrival of Atomic Bombs from the bands very first album way back in 1981, yes that’s right kids, KIX have rockin’ for over 30 years now.  The ballad Don’t Close Your Eyes gets an airing early on, the song that brought the band it’s only real chart success, hitting #11 in the USA back in 1990.

The in between song banter from Steve Whiteman and crowd participation throughout the album is thankfully kept intact and high in the mix with Girl Money seeing Whiteman more than channelling the late, great Bon Scott.  Cold Blood is without question my own personal favourite KIX song, with this live version clocking in at now less than 8.38minutes thanks to a hefty dose of Whiteman encouraged crowd participation and includes his quote of the performance “I had to get my nuts removed to sing this high….”.  Blow My Fuse is further represented by a storming version of She Dropped Me The Bomb and of course the title track, Blow My Fuse.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah off the first album closes off the CD version of this release and at over 16 minutes, it’s a long one, due in part to Whiteman continuing on with his delivery of humorous titbits that litter the performance…but it’s all good, he’s a genuinely funny man!

When it comes to these live releases, I want it to sound raw, live and as though I am there and this certainly delivers on those counts.  I haven’t seen the 15 song DVD version of this release yet, but I most definitely will be tracking that down.  Being the 2nd live release now to be added to the KIX catalogue, this is a must for any KIX fan.  Bring on the new album in 2013, for not many deliver raw, bluesy hard rock better than KIX!

Essential Information

From: USA

For fans of: KIX

Release date: 21 September 2012

Record label: Frontier Records

Website: www.kix-band.com

Track listing:

CD: No Ring Around Rosie; Atomic Bombs; Lie Like A Rug; Don’t Close Your Eyes; Girl Money; Cold Blood; Cold Shower; She Dropped Me The Bomb; Blow My Fuse; Kix Are For Kids; Midnite Dynamite; Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

DVD contents: No Ring Around Rosie; Atomic Bombs; Lie Like A Rug; Sex; The Itch; Don’t Close Your Eyes; Hot Wire; Same Jane; Girl Money; Ronnie “10/10” (Solo); Cold Blood; Jimmy “Chocolate” (Solo); Cold Shower; She Dropped Me The Bomb; Blow My Fuse; Kix Are For Kids; Midnite Dynamite; For Shame; Brian “Damage” (Solo); Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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