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Monster Truck – The Brown EP


In 25 words or less:  Monster Truck is for those that love their ROCK loud, raw, sweaty, hairy and soaked in beer.

Maybe this is not exactly something unique to myself, but when it comes to something that I haven’t heard before, whether it be a band name, album title or song title, I always like to play a little guessing game with myself and first try and pick what I think something will sound like.  So when I got this EP from the Canadian four piece Monster Truck, I immediately thought big, fat, chunky, pounding riffs and no bullshit rock n roll…and what do you know, I was right!  From the opening stomp of I Am Freedom, Monster Truck hit you with four tracks and a 12 minute barrage of classic rock riffage, with the thumping sounds of bass and organ throughout and naturally big, booming, bad ass vocals.  The fast and furious intensity of Love Attack hit’s you like, well a Monster Truck haha, check out the video below…it’s got everything you could want!  Seven Seas Blues takes a turn into sludgy, stoner rock territory, whilst Righteous Smoke brings it home with a rock anthem of behemoth proportions.

Monster Truck is for those that love their music loud, raw, sweaty, hairy and soaked in beer.  This one is up there with Graveyard’s Hisingen Blues Electric Mary’s Long Time Coming as probably the best “classic rock” released this year, from the most unlikely of places…Canada, Sweden and Australia!

Check out our interview with Monster Truck…

Essential Information

Released: Out now

Check it out if you like: Monsterous classic rock, Graveyard, Electric Mary

Website: www.ilovemonstertruck.com




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