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The Bride


Band Bio from Official Press Release:
“While the story of The Bride is somewhat long for a band at an average age of 20 years old, it’s become clear that it is more or less still beginning. From local shows and house parties, the band was formed in 2006 – they changed members, released a slew of EPs and split records, and toured with friends bands. But all the while through the awkward releases and changed influences, the band was honing their craft and take notes. The story wouldn’t be interesting to the punter if we told it right here and now, but one listen to their debut album President Rd should tell you that the hard work paid off.

President Rd is a debut album that is full of everything that makes hardcore and punk rock as amazing as it is. It’s youthful, scathing, positive, fast and dynamic. The songs pack a punch from start to finish, and the band is not afraid to simultaneously wear their influences and hearts on their sleeve, while giving their songs enough new ideas and “Fuck You” attitude to make it all sound fresh.

But the live arena is really where The Bride shine brightest. Vocalist Kevin Schultz has been know to yell and pester fans until they come out of their shell and give back some of the energy the band unleashes. While the rest of the members will stage dive and jump around until the crowd is in a frenzied state. It’s only a matter of time before even the most stoic punter is smiling.

The punters were indeed grinning from ear to ear most recently when President Road mysteriously found its way into the clutches of ravenous fans prematurely this month. Despite inevitably being disappointed with the leak, the band were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and label –progressive hardcore powerhouse UNFD- decided to offer the full album to fans for free.”

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to do this interview!  First things first, The Bride will not be familiar to a bunch of our readers, so let’s start with the basics first, in your own words, how would you describe the music of The Bride?
Musically chaotic and lyrically sincere.

Can you introduce each member of the band and give us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth about each?
Anthony is our drummer and has immediate ties with the mafia, his grandfather played drums at the Corleone wedding in the first Godfather film. Nelson is our guitarist, he cannot drink beer and will projectile vomit if it passes his lips, Dre is our bassist and once performed in the legendary Australian hardcore band Silverback. My name is Matt and I once met Michael Crafter of Big Brother fame and you already know the myth about our singer Kev!

You have twenty seconds in an elevator to try and convince someone to listen to your new album “President Rd”, without resorting to threats or violence, what do you tell them?
‘President Rd’ contains a mix of many different genres in each song in order to best communicate the message or story of that particular song, it was written this way to reach more ears so give it a listen!

“President Rd” is your first full length album, what do you feel have been some of the biggest changes in the band between your first few EP’s and “President Rd”?
The biggest difference, in my opinion, is that the band now has lyrical substance and purpose. Our previous singer mostly wrote for shock value on the E.P’s, which was fine at the time but we were definitely outgrowing it. We’ve had plenty of lineup changes since the first recordings too, we’re essentially a brand new band!

Can you share some background into the meaning behind titling your album “President Rd”?
Sure, I lived on President Rd for a few years as a teenager, we’d throw these massive parties and have friends from all over come and hang out!  It’s sort of where the bands current lineup came together and grew up in a sense, that’s why we figured it’d be the most relevant title.

What or who inspired and influenced your songs on “President Rd”, in both a lyrical and musical sense?
Social justice and the importance of good will in general are common lyrical themes on the album as well as our struggles as a band and the state of the music industy, musically it’s hybrid of everything we listen to, from metal to pop and everything in between.

In terms of your song writing, what do you consider to be the most important things that need to feature in a The Bride song?
It’s gotta be catchy! We like to keep the songs relatively fast and melodic too. Breakdowns and chug parts can be great but they never trump an emotive, melodic section.

For those reading this in galaxies far, far away, what do you have to say about the Sydney hardcore scene at the moment, are there many bands playing the style of music that you play?
The Sydney hardcore/metal scene is great! The dudes in Thy Art Is Murder and Northlane in particular are super talented and are headed for the stars.

You are currently in the middle of a national tour of Australia, for those that haven’t seen you perform, how would you describe The Bride as a live band?
We’re a very chaotic live band, the set is very emotionally driven and we end up hurting ourselves more often than not!

Here’s a chance to gaze into your crystal ball. In the next 6 months The Bride will have:
1. No money
2. Hopefully many more fans
3. Overseas plans!

Essential Information

From: Sydney, Australia

Sounds like: Hardcore, punk



Latest release: President Road (2011, UNFD/Warner Music Australia)

Tour dates: 

THE BRIDE with House Vs Hurricane
November 11 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (AA)
November 19 – Bang, Melbourne (18+)
November 26 – St Johns Hall, Sutherland (AA)
November 26 – Nowhere, Sydney (18+)
December 10 – TLC Bayswater, Melbourne (AA)

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