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The Devil Wears Prada – Dead Throne


In 25 words or less: ” If you like heavy, I mean really heavy music then you need to already have Dead Throne in your collection.”

Wow. Not really knowing what to expect going in to this new album by The Devil Wears Prada I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a nice soothing dose of the fucking heaviest shit I’ve heard for a while. This is brutal and just what I needed to wake me up this morning. Dead Throne is the fourth effort from The Devil Wears Prada and many are saying it’s their best yet. Me personally, this is my introduction to the band and I’m loving what they do, I have no idea what what is going on half the time but I find myself completely engrossed in the songs. Musically this is insane, blending dulcet screams and the occasional ‘clean’ vocal with pounding rhythms and a nice mix of shredding guitars, all this put together, you have your prada wearing Devil.

Actually, I think the album just got heavier as I was listening to it too, how is that possible?

First single from the album ‘Born To Lose’ is most definitely the stand out I feel with the clean vocal chorus perfectly suited, its a great track.  What I love about this album is the haunting keys that make their way in to the songs, it gives them that different feel and spooks the shit out of you at times.  A guest appearance by Tim from As I Lay Dying is a cool surprise and with that it tops off one hell of an album!

Let’s put it this way, to see the band perform these songs live would be beyond epic but you wouldn’t catch me within 10 metres of the front of the stage, this is the kind of music that has circle pit written all over it and I’m far too old for that. That should sum up the intensity that Dead Throne puts out and if you’re in to bashing in to total strangers in a mosh pit while enjoying this heavy goodness then go for your life.

A killer effort, I can’t say much more about this album than if you like heavy, I mean really heavy music then you need to already have Dead Throne in your collection.

1. Dead Throne
2. Untidaled
3. Mammoth
4. Vengeance
5. R.I.T.
6. My Questions
7. Kansas
8. Born to Lose
9. Forever Decay
10. Chicago
11. Constance (featuring Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)
12. Pretenders
13. Holdfast

Essential Information

Released: Out Now

Label: Roadrunner Records

Website: http://www.tdwpband.com/ and http://deadthrone.com/

Check it out if you like: Metal / Hardcore

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