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 In 25 words or less: Continuing right where the bands debut left off, Love Catastrophe is an album full of driving anthemic rock with little twists and turns stylistically…

Forming in 2008, Outloud blasted onto the melodic rock scene with their debut album We’ll Rock You To Hell And Back.  With both Bob Katsionis (guitar and keys) and Mark Cross (drums) members of Greek melodic metal band Firewind, 2010 proved to be a defining moment for Outloud.  With Firewind guitarist Gus G being otherwise committed with Ozzy Osbourne, 2010 saw Firewind taking a year off and in addition to that, drummer Mark Cross parted ways with Firewind.  The upshot of this downtime, Love Catastrophe, the brand new album from Outloud, just released on AOR Heaven.  Continuing right where We’ll Rock You To Hell And Back left off, Love Catastrophe is an album full of driving anthemic rock with little twists and turns stylistically.  This time around it’s a far more assured collection of songs having been written and composed by a more cohesive band benefitting from the experiences of sharing a stage together and recording that first album.

We Came To Rock kicks off the album and is everything you would expect a track with this title to be – a fist pumping anthem, opening song in your live setlist boys, but am sure you have that sorted already!  Melodic rocker Falling Rain, probably my personal favourite with it’s intro harmony lead guitar break, a super melodic chorus, little musical touches throughout the song such as those booming outro drums, it’s a song that for me epitomises the difference between the bands debut album and Love Catastrophe.  Live Again sees the volume amped up, the heaviest song on the album and sees the band lyrically tackle something a little different, dealing with society today, as they similarly do with Clean Hands, a song about what your actions may bring you in life.

Waiting For Your Love features as the first single and video and will be stuck in your head immediately, but believe me, there is much more to this album than this song!  The Night That Never Ends almost takes me back to Europe pre The Final Countdown era, what a cracking track this is with some killer guitar and keyboards.  Having first heard vocalist Chandler Mogel at Firefest Festival in 2008 when singing for Talon, it’s been great to sit back from afar and follow his evolution as a singer and Someday is his certainly his moment to shine on this album, a soaring acoustic driven ballad also featuring the female vocals of Deana Dee who has also worked with Geoff Tate (Queensryche) and Terry Brock (Strangeways).  An album that is strong from start to finish, the closing and title track is another that will leave you with another chorus that will be stuck in your head and if that doesn’t, then surely the outro of whoaaa, whooaaa, whooaaa’s will!

Whilst I am sure back in 2009 after the release of their debut album, some (including myself for that matter!) may have had some doubts whether we would see a second album from Outloud given their other commitments, the guys have certainly hit back in the best way possible with an album that has left me now waiting to see what they deliver with album 3!

Track listing:
1. We Came To Rock
2. Falling Rain
3. Live Again
4. Waiting For Your Love
5. The Night That Never Ends
6. Someday
7. Underground
8. Isolation Game
9. Clean Hands
10. Love Catastrophe

Essential Information

Released: Out Now

Label: AOR Heaven

Producer: Bob Katsionas

Website: www.outloud-rock.com

Check it out if you like: Driving anthemic rock!

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