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“Are y’all ready to rock?” asks the Fishin’ For Woos liner notes…ok, let me pause here for a moment and emphasis “liner notes”, yes by virtue of me mentioning those words, it means I am reviewing this CD with CD case and liner notes in my hand, yeah I know, that’s old school right?  Well that’s not the only thing that’s old school around here, Bowling For Soup (or BFS for those already acquainted) and their new album Fishin’ For Woos is a return to the old school BFS from the days of A Hangover You Don’t Deserve and Drunk Enough To Dance.  Not to say that their past couple of releases in Sorry For Partyin’ and The Great Burrito Extortion Case were necessarily new school however, because they were BFS through and through.  Whilst on the subject of the 2009 release Sorry For Partyin’, some of you could be forgiven for not even realising this salacious collection of power pop delights was even released, but that’s a story for another time and irrelevant to the topic at hand haha.

Anyways, back to the original question…yes, I am ready to rock and Fishin’ For Woos certainly has the songs to do it.  Starting off with Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love and it’s glorious modern day BFS power pop sounds, it doesn’t take long before we get a double shot of classic BFS anthems with Girls In America and S-S-S-Saturday (video within this review) and maybe herein lies the significance of the fishing theme of this album?  These songs will have you caught hook, line and sinker!  Actually, this CD came with a pretty groovy BFS fishing lure…now who does that?

What About Us heads into ballad territory, which whilst we are on the subject, how freakin’ awesome is the other ballad Turbulence, that’s not a question, that’s a statement!   For those that have heard it, it’s gotta be one of the best BFS written songs surely? As far as BFS goes, this is one heart wrenching ballad and stay tuned for the video clip coming shortly.  In stark contrast, the likes of Here’s Your Freakin Song, This Ain’t My Day, Smiley Face, Friends, Chicks and Guitars and I’ve Never Done Anything LIke This are those witty pop culture littered, smile inducing, toe tapping, sing along pop punk anthems that BFS deliver oh, so well.  Special mention needs to go to the latter song, which features Kay Hanley from the band Letters To Cleo on co-vocals…that once again proves in my mind that female vocals really do have their place in BFS songs.  As I also have the download version of this album, I do wonder how Dear Meagan Fox could be left off the physical CD release, that’s right up there with BFS classics such as Val Kilmer, 1985 and Girls All The Bad Guys Want.

I know BFS is a band of four and a band of four for over 17 years at that, but special mention must go to BFS chief songwriter, lyricist and producer, Jaret Reddick for there are few equals when it comes to his ability to infuse so many lyrical pop culture references into an album.  Put simply, Fishin’ For Woos is one of the greatest things BFS have released and will not dissapoint ANY Bowling For Soup fan and after 11 albums and 17 years, I am sure that suits BFS just fine!

Check out our interview with Jaret Reddick right here…

Essential Information

Music Style: Pop Punk

Released: Out Now

Label: Que So / Brando Records


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1.Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love
2.Girls In America
4.What About Us
5.Here’s Your Freakin Song
6.This Ain’t My Day
7.Smiley Face (It’s All Good)
9.I’ve Never Done Anything Like This
10.Friends Chicks Guitars
11.Guard MyHeart (2010)
12.Graduation Trip
13.Dear Megan Fox (pre-purchase download version only)

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