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Ace Frehley – ‘10,000 Volts’


The Spaceman is back! It’s been a few years since new music from Ace Frehley, so here we are with his new offering in ’10,000 Volts’ and I can’t wait to check it out.

Big drums, big riffs to kick off the album and I’m here for it. The album opens with the title track ’10,000 Volts’ and it’s an instant feel of this is going to be a fun rock album, it hits a catchy groove and Ace’s distinctive vocals shine through this one and I’m buckling in for the ride. We hit a different groove with ‘Walking On The Moon’ and that slow rhythm and oh wow this solo is great, This is the second single from the album and rightly so, it really sits well and sets up this album as we continue. ‘Cosmic Heart’ has a fist in the air chorus and you can’t help but jam along with this one. That and the last both hit a slower feel but then as I say that a single guitar starts ‘Cherry Medicine’ it kicks into one hook of a chorus and this is easily my favourite on the album so far. This is good. I even love the little left turn solo that then brings it back around into a killer middle 8, before closing out with that hook laden chorus and a fade out, yeah those always get me, love those.

‘Back Into My Arms Again’ is another vibe, and really has that old school Ace feel, and I say that and if you know Ace you’ll know exactly what I mean. I really dug that one. ‘Fighting For Life’ will be one of those songs live that you can hear people yelling back the chorus and they’re the kind of songs I love. The harmony guitars in here sell it for me too, so that was a treat to hear that. ‘Blinded’ has cowbell, so that rules, and keeps the album rolling, and once again showcasing that guitar style we all know Ace for, it’s simplistic but genius. There’s no super bells and whistles but this man just makes everything sound good, and the tone on this track is perfect. ‘Constantly Cute’ was great and the slower ‘Life of a Stranger’ geez that just jumped up as a possible favourite on the album, as this one has some soul, the guitars ring through and really give this one some heart. Was that a key change? I think it was! Man you hook me with those!! ‘Up In The Sky’ is another groover, and Ace just knows his style and it works. This one gets the foot tapping. We close the album with ‘Stratosphere’ which is an instrumental piece and for me showcases his most daring piece to date, it’s atmospheric, and actually something so different that it works, and with that the album is done.

Ace Frehley has made a solid rock record that hits that perfect groove and in terms of playing it’s classic Ace. The tone is perfect and the songs and catchy and fun. He’s made an album that classic rock fans will love and most definitely should check out.


Essential Information:

From: USA

Release Date: 23 February 2024

Produced By: Ace Frehley and Steve Brown

Website: http://www.acefrehley.com

Track Listing:
10,000 Volts
Walking On The Moon
Cosmic Heart
Cherry Medicine
Back Into My Arms Again
Fighting For Life
Constantly Cute
Life Of A Stranger
Up In The Sky

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