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FRANK TURNER announces new album ‘UNDEFEATED’ to be released on May 3rd via XTRA Mile Recordings


Frank Turner is set to release his tenth album ‘Undefeated’ on May 3rd, which he today launches with the new single ‘Do One’. ‘Undefeated’ follows his first UK #1 album, 2022’s ‘FTHC’, and is the result of his decision to step away from the major label world to re-embrace the liberation of working as an independent artist, Frank says, “my first back home with a global independent label setup (still with Xtra Mile of course).

The new single ‘Do One’ sees them firing on all cylinders, a supremely catchy message of defiance (“I’m still standing up and there’s nothing you can do!”) which straddles the spectrum between power-pop and pop-punk. STREAM ‘DO ONE’ HERE

He adds, “‘Do One’ is the last song I wrote for the new album, and the first song on that album, as well as the first single. So it’s a summation of what I’m trying to say with this record, a record about survival and defiance, but also one with a sense of fun and self-deprecation. 19 years into my solo career, I’m still standing up and putting out some of my best work. It feels good.”

“Now I’m surprised to report that as I enter my forties, I’ve returned to being an angry man,” he sings on the recent track No Thank You For The Music’. And that’s a concise statement as to what to expect from ‘Undefeated’. Finding the sweet spot between youthful outspokenness and surviving midlife’s challenges, it’s a record that explores both emotionally compelling topics and lighter reflections on those troubles that eventually come to most of us. Who you are versus who you wanted to be in your youth; life-altering love; fading friendships; wistful nostalgia; the mental fallout and political consequences that still linger from the pandemic era; and the more prosaic issue of persistent backache.

There are no clichés about the difficult 10th album, so in some ways, that’s a liberating statement. But at the same time, I have a duty to justify writing and releasing a 10th album. That’s a lot of records for anybody. Also, I’m 42. Which is not a sexy, rock’n’roll age. But all through my career, I’ve been interested in writers like Loudon Wainwright III or The Hold Steady, people who write about adulthood, essentially.” FRANK TURNER 

While thematically ‘Undefeated’ is informed by this time in his life, sonically it’s full of echoes to influences that Frank has touched upon at various moments in his kaleidoscopic career. It switches from Black Flag to Counting Crows, from Descendents to The Pogues, via Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg. Its freewheeling nature is reflective not only of his new-found independence, but also of the creative environment he found himself in. As usual, it was entirely written by himself, but this is the first album that he produced himself, recorded in the home studio that he and his wife, Jessica Guise, share on Mersea Island, Essex. It features his live band: Ben Lloyd (guitar), Tarrant Anderson (bass), Callum Green (drums) and Matt Nasir (piano).

The release of ‘Undefeated’ will of course see this punk-rock road-warrior tour with the tenacity and intense schedules that he’s renowned for (such as the sprawling 50 States in 50 Days North American tour) but with even bigger ambitions that will be revealed in due course as he nears his 3000th (!) gig. But for now, anticipate the new album: a typically energising, literate, playful and provocative set from a musician who remains ‘Undefeated’ after a quarter-of-a-century in the game.


‘Do One’
‘Never Mind The Back Problems’
‘Girl From The Record Shop’
‘Pandemic PTSD’
‘East Finchley’
‘No Thank You For The Music’
‘The Leaders’
‘International Hide and Seek Champions’
‘Show People’
‘On My Way’
‘Somewhere Inbetween’



“Frank Turner goes back to hardcore and a whole lot more on superb ninth album, FTHC.”  KERRANG! ****

“Incredibly powerful”  NPR MUSIC

“Who better than Frank Turner to underscore the imminent joy of reconnecting with others? Generally, this sort of earnestness can be wearying, but Turner succeeds because he sounds like he’s just stomped out of a stuffy meeting to go yell on a street corner, frantic with Euphoria.”  THE NEW YORK TIMES

“‘The Gathering’ is appropriately arena-sized from the start as Turner bellows over booming drums and towering glam rock riffs. The track ends with Isbell unleashing the mightiest guitar solo he can muster.” ROLLING STONE (US)

“Stepping away from the more folk sounds of his last few albums, Frank and his band bring back the fast-paced punk tunes that make you want to stand on a table and sing along.”  PEOPLE MAGAZINE 

‘Do One’ is out now

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