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Candlebox – The Metro Theatre, Sydney – January 12, 2024


When a band has been around as long as Candlebox have, it’s a crime they haven’t been to Australia before. Thirty years into the bands career and they are finally here to say hello and goodbye. Bittersweet but so glad we got the chance to see them in Australia this once. Thanks Silverback Touring.

A couple of openers tonight. The first being the Black Cardinals and they were killer with their rock almost southern rock stylings that just really get you into the groove and they were a perfect way to start the night. Really looking forward to what they do next.

Bad Moon Born are back can we say Bad Moon Reborn? Yes we can, as it’s been a while since we’ve seen the guys on the scene. They are killing it. After seeing them so many times when they were out playing gigs it’s great to hear they’ve refined their sound and gone back to more of that classic rock feel they once had. The band sounded amazing, and Jordan’s pipes are as good as ever. Welcome back, fellas!

OK, as I said before… For the first and last time in Australia it’s time for Candlebox.

Opening with ‘Don’t You’ and damn!! They are on fire!! Kevin has some pipes and he is making it known early. Oh we’re in for some fun tonight. Going back to their first ever song with ‘Change’ and they love this one, and it’s so awesome to see the crowd get into this. I mean I saw Candlebox back in 2007 and tonight they are just as good if not better. This is awesome. Slowing it down with ‘Blossom’ for a little bit before it kicks into full gear and they are delivering. Apologising for taking 30 years to get here, Kevin throws on a guitar to start ‘Punks’ from the latest record “it’s called Rock and roll, look it up” and it sure was.

Going a little disco next with ‘Supanova’ and I can’t stress enough how great this is. What a catchy tune and I’m immediately going home to listen to Candlebox on repeat for a while. ‘Best Friend’ is all rock and roll and this band is nuts, they are so good. Follow that with ‘Breathe Me In’ with a soothing long extended intro and once the song kicks in it’s a beautiful story of how he met his wife. Damn what a song. ‘Arrow’ rocks things up with band introductions and amazing screams and Kevin just sounds pristine. ‘Stand’ followed by ‘Cover Me’ with a religious discussion and this song starting with Kevin back on the acoustic it’s so great seeing the smile on his face as the crowd sing it back to him. That was a ripper.

It’s the next one I was waiting for, from their latest album. This one is ‘Elegante’ and easily one of my favourite songs of the last couple of years. That was awesome. What a tune. Kevin and Ivan stay on stage and a little Fleetwood Mac before ‘Sometimes’ and the band returns to the stage. Some killer guitar work in this one.

With only four left we’ll start with the heavy hitters. ‘Mothers Dream’ was amazing, followed by ‘He Calls Home’ which was even better. Dedicating the next one to a number of his departed friends and this is ‘Far Behind’ and wow. Just wow. This far into the set he just held a perfect note and that was insane. What a song this is and probably their biggest and it didn’t disappoint tonight. Closing the show with ‘You’ which was the perfect way to close an amazing night. That was beyond impressive.

I wish we’d had the chance to see this band multiple times over the last three decades but although we didn’t, they sure as hell made up for lost time with an amazing set from an amazing band. Kevin Martin promised he’ll be back and I know I’ll be there because that voice and these songs, just awesome.

Sydney thanks you, Candlebox. For tonight and for thirty years of music.


Essential Information

Venue: The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Date: January 12, 2024

Support: The Black Cardinals, Bad Moon Born

Presented By: Silverback Touring


Set List:
Don’t You
Best Friend
Breathe Me In
Cover Me
Mothers Dream
He Calls Home
Far Behind

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