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Good Things – Centennial Park, Sydney – December 2, 2023


And we’re back! After missing last years, it’s great to be back and I know I’m ready for a whole heap of good things today.

It was an excellent easy entry, I have to give it up to them for that, no hassles, no lines, this was great and a really good start to the day. Hardest thing is there’s so many choices today and what to pick, but I have a plan and let’s see if that gets stuck to.

PVRIS who I was excited to see aren’t playing today due to sickness, which happens, so this allowed me to go for a big walk to check out the grounds. It is so well laid out. So I’m down at stage 4 and The Plot In You get things started and the sound is great and due to them being the first band on there is quite a crowd here which is awesome for them. I also got to check out the multitude of food vans and decided on a Philly cheesesteak and my choice was one I was quite happy with as I sat on one of the number of tables around the grounds.

Moseying back to the main stages and with a “Hello darlings” Rou yells as Enter Shikari kick things off on stage 2. As they power through their energetic set they get everyone warmed up, and this band is something else. Always have been, and that is how you start it on the big stage.

Decided to go and check out a bit of Stand Atlantic which was a great decision as I walked up as they were playing my fave song of theirs ‘Hate Me (Sometimes)’s and there’s a big crowd over here. Oh fun they’ve just brought out pole dancers, excellent. ‘Deathwish’ is amazing as they start to round out their set. So awesome to see so many over here supporting amazing Australian talent.

Slaughter To Prevail come out to an adoring crowd and it’s heavy over here! Man that just got intense, and most definitely one of the most hyped bands of the day. I’d already decided today I’m doing a bit of a walk around for a bit so I’m off to Eskimo Joe on the main stage and it’s chalk and cheese from Slaughter. That’s what I love about Good Things, it’s a day of such diverse acts that you get a bit of everything. The Eskies belong on a big stage and they’re killing it. Throwing in a mix of old stuff and newer and the crowd is into it. Walked over to sit for a few and a band called Tapestry are on the small stage. So right now I have Tapestry Joe playing as I’m right in the middle. What I can hear though is ‘Black Fingernails Red Wine’ and watching everyone get into this one is great.

Pennywise are up and punking things up especially with their version of ‘Down Under’. I mean I never thought of this as a punk song but here we are! Then we get Pennywise playing ‘Pennywise’ from the album ‘Pennywise’ which is fun. With Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb on guitar they close the set with a big sing along whoa oh oh oh. Slowly Slowly are on the main stage also and I really dig these guys. Catchy tunes and great stage presence. A very cool cover of Blink’s ‘I Miss You’ joined by Bonnie from Stand Atlantic and that was pretty damn cool. This is a killer live band. Highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t.

It’s time for Corey Taylor and this is the biggest crowd at the main stages yet. Gets the crowd going with ‘Post Traumatic Blues’ then back to 2003 with a the Stone Sour track ‘Tumult’ and it’s nice and heavy! To CMF2 with ‘We Are The Rest’ which he commanded the crowd with. Straight into ‘Song #3’ from Stone Sour and this rules. From one of his bands to that other one, Slipknot… ‘Before I Forget’ is awesome as always and it’s amazing that I’ve heard it live twice this year in the same place. What a song that is. Back to CMF2 and this song ‘Beyond’ from it is killer. Ok he did the SpongeBob song and you can tell he secretly loves doing it regardless of the expletives towards us all ha ha. The silly doesn’t last long as we get serious with ‘Snuff’ and damn, hearing it like this is crazy and so haunting. More Slipknot with ‘Duality’ and it’s kinda weird seeing him sing it without the mask but damn it’s cool. ‘Through Glass’ is most definitely a jam and up there in my list of fave tracks of Corey’s catalogue. Finishing with a cover of ‘Don’t Change’ by INXS that was cool and unexpected. He’s just so damn cool.

Bullet For My Valentine hit stage 1 firing with ‘Knives’ and this kicks ass. This is clean and it’s heavy. The sound is amazing for these guys. ‘4 Words’ takes us above the Melbourne crowd we’re told. Damn these guys are heavy. I always love seeing Bullet. Closing with ‘Waking The Demon’ which was the only way they could and damn, what a band.  I Prevail are up straight after Bullet and they have fire, they’re damn heavy. They get melodic along the way and this the stuff I love. I really need to check them out a lot more when they come back, one of the bands I wish I’d stayed the full set for.

It’s time for Devo. Yes. That Devo. They start with ‘Don’t Shoot (I’m a man)’ and there is confusion around and I love it. After a few songs the helmets come out and of course it’s time for ‘Whip It’ and all the phones come up. Amazing. That was fun. I never thought I’d get to sing that back to them so that was great. They head off stage to get changed into their trademark yellow jump suits. Then the question of “are we not men?” Is asked and we all know the answer which is of course “We are Devo”. These guys are amazing musicians, this is a treat to see. Another costume change and they’re rockin out as they only have a couple to go. that was so much fun. Thank you Devo. I’m so glad I got to see them once, and what a great choice for a festival like this, once again talking about that diverse range of acts. Just perfect.

It’s Limp Bizkit time. Obviously a major draw as that side is packed!! Holy shit they’ve opened with ‘Break Stuff’ that was very unexpected. Man this needs to be at least 4 louder though, what’s the deal stage 2?! ‘Show Me What You Got’ is next, then we continue to get “fucked up” with ‘Hot Dog’ as yay the volume went up! That’s what we wanted. This one has the front going off as it should. Now it’s time to keep on ‘Rollin’ hell yeah. That was great, and watching the crowd react to this one was awesome. A little House of Pain and then back to the Bizkit, and ‘My Way’ damn this is just gonna be a set of these songs we love and as John Otto takes us to Matthew’s bridge it’s time ‘My Generation’ followed by ‘Take A Look Around’ and I didn’t think they’d do this and I’m happy. Damn, next is ‘Nookie’ and taking it into ‘Full Nelson’ was seamless and they are just banging them out. Their cover of George Michael’s ‘Faith’ is up and that’s cool, and they bookended their set with ‘Break Stuff’. Played it twice. That’s amazing. I must day this set was amazing but it just lacked something can’t put my finger on it but it was so much fun.

Fall Out Boy time! With pyro they open with ‘The Pink Seashell’ and it’s on straight into ‘Love From The Other Side’. Then it’s time to put on your war paint as the flames shoot from the stage for ‘The Phoenix’ which really got everyone going, but as Andy hits those drums for that all familiar and my favourite FOB song ‘Sugar We’re Goin’ Down’ and I’m stoked, this was my introduction into Fall Out Boy and love that it comes out this early. They started ‘Uma Thurman’ but then stopped mid song as a massive storm is on the way. Like they’ve left. What happens now? I have my poncho out and waiting to see if it’s required…

OK, so yeah we got evacuated, and as we all head out, the rain is on its way. I mean out of all the good things that happened today, this was not one of them. Such a shame for the day to end this way, but you can’t help those forces of nature. I did need my poncho as it absolutely bucketed down, so I’m glad everyone was safe, and I hope we will get to see Fall Out Boy here again soon.

It was a great day besides the abrupt end of it, and I can’t wait to see who is on the bill next year. By far probably the most amazingly run festival around, and here’s to 2024.


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Venue: Centennial Park – Sydney

Date: December 2, 2023

Presented by: Destroy All Lines


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