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Foo Fighters – Accor Stadium, Sydney – December 9, 2023


It’s a hot one! So tonight is going to be something… BUT we’re here to rock, and rock we will at this massive stadium tonight to see the Foo Fighters. It’s a long afternoon ahead but here we go…

Hot Milk come out firing. The opener is just full of energy and says the scene. It’s loud, they’re here to impress and that’s just what they’re doing. ‘I Just Want To Know What Happens When I’m Dead’ is up next and it’s got that hook that this band is full of. Bloody hell this band is made to play stadiums. ‘Alice Coopers Pool House’ keeps things moving. ‘Teenage Runaways’ gets the crowd involved as they continue to rock out. ‘Over Your Dead Body’ next. the bass leads off ‘Party On My Death Bed’ which rules but ‘Split Personality’ takes it next level and with that they’re done. A short 30 mins but man what a 30 mins. Amazing band, I could’ve watched them for so much longer. Come back soon, Hot Milk!

The Chats. After a bit of a false start they kick into full gear with their punk stylings. Do I love it? Not overly but there are many here losing their mind and I dig that. I honestly have no idea what these songs are about but hey, they’re tight as hell, and as a three piece and they’re killing it.

It’s time for the Fooeys. The place is packed and the cool breeze is coming through so that’s a win. Dave runs onto the stage as the band follow and the place goes nuts. “welcome to the biggest fuckin show the foo fighters have ever played in Australia” Dave yells as they bust into ‘All My Life’ and it’s on. There is some killer energy in here tonight that’s for sure. An amazing musical interlude mid song was played to perfection. ‘No Son Of Mine’ is up next and it’s sharp, and full of punch and also allows Chris Shiflett to shred for a bit and the band just rock the hell out. We love a bit of rock and roll together, as some ‘Dirty Deeds’ creeps in as they close out ‘No Son Of Mine’ before wasting no time into ‘Rescued’ and yes, we’re all just waiting to be rescued tonight, but the cool breeze is helping that. Then as ‘The Pretender’ starts there are arms waving and then as it kicks in it’s on. An amazing moment when the entire stadium was yelling the “who are you?” lyrics back to the stage and the smiles on the bands faces was just the best. Another extended song, that’s four so far ha ha. It’s gonna be a long night. ‘Walk’ is such a damn good song and so glad it’s in the set tonight and it went for a normal length which was surprising. Win. Giving some major love to Australia is always nice and Dave absolutely loves throwing praise to us any chance he gets.

Singalong time with ‘Times Like These’ as it starts with Dave and Rami which is quite haunting but so, so good. Then as the band kicks in the song hits full gear it turns into that massive stadium song it is. They follow that up with ‘Generator’ and then go way back with ‘Breakout’ which was a lot of fun and damn Josh that is how you drum!! They turn the lights off and we turn all ours on and the place looked unbelievable. Band introductions had a mix of Beastie Boys, Ramones, Devo and NIN before we get back to the Foos with ‘My Hero’ in a much slower, beautiful version that had us all singing along and with an amazing piano interlude before it gets to full tempo and they close it out. That was by far the best live version of that song I’ve heard. ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’ followed by ‘Learn To Fly’ which is always a crowd pleaser and they nailed it. This next one is great, ‘Arlandia’ and I love this one, what a track!! Next as Dave starts ‘These Days’ solo and as we all join in it rips it up and he takes it solo mid song then it explodes again which was an awesome bookend.

Dave throws on an acoustic and heads to the front with Chris and as Rami stays up too they interlude us with Stairway to Heaven before sucking up to us again (it works) and throwing in ‘Statues’ as things truly slow down for the first time tonight. Dave stays up there solo and plays ‘Ballad Of The Besconsfield Miners’ then to their latest album with ‘Nothing At All’ which was killer and even included a little ‘Blackbird’ for good measure.

Then to absolute crowd favourite ‘Monkey Wrench’ and man we can scream. Always the best live song and they nailed it complete with unbelievable drum solo ending. Dedicating ‘Aurora’ to Taylor Hawkins, man it’s still sad. The passion that was just put into that song was unbelievable, and we miss you Taylor, we really do. Taking it back to the very first single ‘This Is A Call’ was awesome and a nice way to celebrate 28 years of the band here. Bringing out drum tech Fiona for an AC/DC cover with ‘Big Balls’ was pretty cool, and something different. ‘Best Of You’ is one of the best in their catalogue in my opinion and it had everyone singing, along with a brilliant outro and with that they’re off for a well needed breather.

Back on stage and Dave throws on a double neck for a super long version of ‘The Teacher’ followed by the only song they could close it with ‘Everlong’. Now when we talk quintessential Foo Fighters songs, this is it. To witness it with I don’t know, 60,000 people I’d say was just something special. They nailed it and they meant every word of it.

As the band take their well deserved bows showered in applause and praise their smiles say it all, they have just played their biggest ever show in Australia and they absolutely showed everyone how it’s done. It’s a far cry from the times I got to see these guys at The Metro, or the Manning Bar, but damn they are truly a stadium band and tonight they proved that’s where they belong and where they’ll stay.

What a show.


Essential Information

Venue: Accor Stadium – Sydney

Date: December 9, 2023

Presented by: Frontier Touring

Set List:
All My Life
No Son Of Mine
The Pretender
Times Like These
My Hero
The Sky Is A Neighbourhood
Learn To Fly
These Days
Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners
Nothing At All
Monkey Wrench
This Is A Call
Big Balls
Best Of You
The Teacher

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