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Scott Kay of Voyager (Audio Interview)


“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take the music seriously. I think those things are all identifiably Voyager traits.”

From Release: Australian electronic rock outfit Voyager, who thrilled global audiences with their Eurovision performance of Promise complete with the iconic, retro Toyota MR2, are back with their long-awaited eighth studio album, Fearless in Love. On Fearless in Love, sweeping vocals paired with emotive lyrics inspired by the grit and glam of 80s and 90s film overlay heavy guitar riffs and percussion to create a sonic journey that pushes the boundary of what fans have come to expect from Voyager.

We gave Scott a call to discuss the band’s new album, touring, Keytars, of course their appearance at Eurovision, and more…

Listen to the interview below:

Essential Information

From: Perth, WA, Australia

Band members: Daniel “Danny” Estrin (vocals/keyboards), Simone Dow (guitars), Scott Kay (guitars), Alex Canion (bass), and Ashley Doodkorte (drums)

Website: http://www.voyager-australia.com

Latest release: ‘Fearless in Love’ (Out Now – Season of Mist)

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