Music News — April 12, 2022 at 3:19 pm

VILLE VALO of HIM Shares new single ‘LOVELETTING’


Finnish Love Metal pioneer, Ville Valo, has released new single, ‘Loveletting‘ under the VV banner. ‘Loveletting’ is taken from VV’s forthcoming debut album, Neon Noir 

Ville explains: “As fun as the funeral rites for HIM were, it took me more than a few moons to lick my wounds in the shadow of the Heartagram and come up with an excuse to strum and hum again. Eventually I decided to put a leash on my beloved black dog and we started howling together instead of barking at each other. That’s how Loveletting was born”. 

‘Loveletting’ is available across all digital platforms, alongside an official video clip

VV’s debut album Neon Noir is scheduled for release in early 2023; belonging to the same forlorn world of woe and whimsy once conceived and governed by Valo in HIM, VV arrives with additional nuanced notes of a fine aged Cabernet.

Ville adds, “Artistically speaking the main difference between HIM and VV is the extra line in the Heartagram, but what an exquisite line it is! It’s the Mamas and the Papas dressed up as Metallica on their way to a Halloween bash at the Studio 54, and now who wouldn’t want to witness that?” 

Further details around Neon Noir will be released in due course.

Stream / buy the single here

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