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Deaf Havana – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney – August 23, 2019


The last time Deaf Havana were in Sydney they played pretty much my favourite Gig of 2017. Tonight here on their first headlining tour of Australia Deaf Havana are back in support of their newest album ‘Rituals’ and I can’t wait to see these guys back on the stage!

Made it in to catch the last few songs from Closure and I have to say, what I heard was impressive. Catchy and tight with an appreciation of why they were here and I have to say, managing to get the crowd down on the ground to get back up on cue was pretty cool. There’s something about this band I need to check out more of.

Short, sharp and to the point describe the songs of Grenade Jumper up next the band deliver a set of tracks that are catchy but when they bust out a cover of Weezer’s ‘Buddy Holly’ they grab the bull by the horns and go all in. I love this song and the best thing about it is that they didn’t kill it. Respect. Not a bad way to start the night indeed.

As the intro begins those here are ready for a ritual and when Deaf Havana take to the stage the crowd cheers and they are ready. The now four piece from the UK start with a “Sydney what’s up?” And here we go and with shades of The Who they rip into ‘Boston Square’ and the melodic goodness of this band shines through from the start. As they launch into ‘Fever’ from ‘All These Countless Nights’ I’m happy. Damn I love this album. They smash it out and it makes me remember how I fell in love with this band. James takes off the guitar and they head to ‘Rituals’ with ‘Hell’ and this moody Yet rockin’ track sets the scene for where the band are today. We stick with the newest album and ‘Holy’ lights the place up and they keep the groove happening and what I love about this band is just their no bullshit approach to what they do. This is what Deaf Havana are and they do it so well.

They buzz things up with ‘Cassiopeia’ and just the way these guys play together is a treat to watch. As they launch into ‘Sing’ the crowd join in and get moving. That was amazing. What a song. James takes a break as Matthew starts this off ‘Mildred’ before James kicks in to belt out the chorus. Damn this band is so full of hooks and that’s just what works and makes these songs and this band shine. Next up they drop the tempo to give us ‘Happiness’ which slows things down and showcases the bands talent. ‘The Past Six Years’ follows and that was a treat for old school fans.

Here we go with my favourite Deaf Havana song, ‘Trigger’ and that was awesome. That is a quintessential rock song and that was sensational, so glad that remains in the set and really should stay there forever. Sticking with their previous album and dropping in ‘L.O.V.E’ and they continue to deliver it’s just a pleasure to watch. Into ‘Worship’ and its ridiculously hook laden chorus they belt out one of the best songs of the night. These ‘Rituals’ songs come across so much better live. That is one hell of a song. Wow.

To the title track of their newest album ‘Rituals’ we get ‘ritual’ and again, it comes across so much better live, it’s going to be interesting to see what direction the band head in next. ‘Pensicola’ is a stand out as we get towards the end of the set, and it’s the very pointy end of the set ‘Sinner’ gets the place happy and they smash it out to close the show.

No encore. Just a straight up set of catchy songs from a band that are truly great live. A band that is a treat to watch and one I always will.


Essential Information

Venue: Oxford Art Factory

Date: August 23, 2019

Presented by: Destroy All Lines

Supported By: Closure, Grenade Jumper

Photo By: Annette Geneva – Check out our full gallery HERE


Set List:
Boston Square
The Past Six Years


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