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Rise Against – The Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – February 13, 2018


Rise Against are making a habit out of coming to Australia and there’s no problem with that at all. They’re back in Sydney tonight at this top of their ‘Wolves’ tour and the Hordern is ready for a dose of punk rock and roll!

Pagan and Bare Bones opened the night and both came out firing and delivered a tight, heavy set of tunes that got the crowd rockin’ and ready for Rise Against. Both musically awesome, both bands held the crowd at the front and local boys Bare Bones tore the place apart and are truly worthy of this slot with their tight, heavy songs. One to watch out for.

Here we go. Sirens ring as the band take to the stage and with a ‘rise’ chant and fists thrusting towards the stage the band tear into the opener ‘Chamber The Cartridge’ as the band run around the stage barely able to stand still belting out this punk rock goodness. Without even stopping the kick drum underlays the introductions and ‘Give It All’ rips us a new one with big hooks and crowds jumping making this one a favourite early on as Tim braves the crowd to get up close and personal with the people. Back up on stage Tim straps on a guitar for ‘The Violence’ from the bands amazing latest album ‘Wolves’ and hearing it live is a treat. The crowd cheers as ‘Re-Education (Through Labor)’ starts and the crowd not only cheers but yells the opening line of the song back at the band as loud as they are, impressive. Man, these guys are on tonight!

‘Dancing For Rain’ gets heavy real quick but as it slows mid song before exploding once again there is definitely a whole lot of love for this one here tonight. ‘The Good Left Undone’ continues the love and as I watch the band bounce along to the chorus I get reminded why I love live music so much. The interaction, the intensity, the unity, it’s just the best. Nothing tops it. ‘Then as ‘Collapse’ takes its place and things get a whole lot punk again you get reminded how good these guys are. Tight, and just straight up punk rock. So good. A new one from Wolves thrown being ‘House On Fire’ is a favourite of mine from the album and I’m glad it made it into the set. I’m guessing a lot of people here are happy to hear ‘Prayer of The Refuge’ judging by the reaction to the opening guitar riff and as this one gets a bit wild and wooly in the chorus the people down front are loving it as they hang off every word and bounce in time to this rocker. Special mention to the bitchin’ guitar solo from Zach In this one!

The band take a quick breather before Tim returns to the stage for an acoustic part of the set aka “the eye of the hurricane” as he put it, starting with ‘People Live Here’ as he stands front of stage with an acoustic and belts this one out with much gusto. Keeping the acoustic out for ‘Hero of War’ a sea of mobile phone screens shine up the floor to capture this one. One last acoustic ditty with ‘Swing Life Away’ and as expected another sing along. That was a nice little break up of the set!

The full band returns to the stage and straight into ‘Help Is On The Way’ and yeah this one kicks ass. This just may be my favourite song of the night! Damn. We get a whole lot more punk in here with ‘Bricks’ and it’s the shortest song of the night but man that delivered a punch. Joe’s bass pounds as the intro to ‘Survive’ kicks in and with a pause, a cheer and a message of “this song is for the survivors’ this one rips things up. We’re getting to the end of the set now and you can tell as these bangers come out and the crowd gets just a little louder in here. Throwing in the title track of their newest album ‘Wolves’ which is a killer track. Oh wow they really loved that one tonight.

Two to go! ‘Satellite’ is up and wow. I also have to give a special mention to the guy in front of me going berserk in this one. That was huge!! As the lights blind the crowd and they cheer as loud as they can the band leave the stage. Of course returning for one more and it has to be ‘Savior’, and it is and what a way to close the show. It’s the only way the show could finish tonight after ninety minutes of straight up rock (with an acoustic break) but when these guys are on, they’re on. I’d look up and the members were on the other side of the stage within seconds, they never stood still and it’s obvious they love what they do and love bringing it to their fans.

This is a band that need to be seen live, trust me!


Essential Information

Venue: The Hordern Pavilion – Sydney

Date: February 13, 2018

Presented by: Frontier Touring

Supported by: Bare Bones & Pagan

Photo by: Gwendolyn Lee – Gwendolyn Lee Photography – Check out our full gallery HERE


Set List:
Chamber The Cartridge
Give It All
The Violence
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Dancing For Rain
The Good Left Undone
Collapse (Post America)
House On Fire
Prayer of The Refuge
People Live Here
Hero of War
Swing Life Away
Help Is On The Way

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