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Deaf Havana – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney – September 13, 2017


They’re in Australia supporting Placebo but that’s not what this show is about tonight, this is a chance for UK band Deaf Havana to play for their audience, the people that know who the band are and maybe even some that saw them support Placebo and want more, and although the crowd is sparse I know for a fact those here will be in for one hell of a treat and that’s from me going off seeing them on their last trip here years ago. So tonight I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this.

Taking to the small stage here at Oxford Arts the five piece dive straight into the opener of not only the set but their latest album ‘All These Countless Nights’ with ‘Ashes, Ashes’ and it truly sets the scene for the night, instantly the mix is just right and this sounds great. Continuing on with the album is ‘Trigger’ which is catchy as all get up and one that Australian radio would love, hint hint Australian radio. ‘I’m a Bore, Mostly’ fits right in as we go back to their second album but ‘Sickago’ holy shit, this song. Wow. Where have you been all my life, I mean since your release? ‘Fever’ is another wow moment as I watch the crowd take to this one I stand here thinking how is this band not massive here? This needs to happen, and it will.

‘Boston Square’ kicks in like a Who song and continues in the vein of just that and belts out a ripper.  Then ‘Speeding Cars’ and its excellent arrangement is a bit of a crowd favourite and now one of mine, then a song about Berlin called ‘Cassiopeia’ gets a little electronic but builds into a big rocker with a big ballad style hook that the crowd know and love and in almost epic mode this one breaks down and is actually now my favourite of the night and as the crowd claps along in time which makes me happy. Then uh oh an acoustic guitar has just come out. Are we about to get a ballad?! Are we?! ‘Happiness’ begins and my fist is raised in the air, it’s a ballad. You know how much I love ballads and right now this is outstanding, and it just got the power it needed and KABLAMO here we go!! Yes.

This one gets a little bit Americana with a country type vibe with ‘L.O.V.E.’ but doesn’t deter from the set, in fact it showcases the diversity of the band in my opinion with a surprise ‘shoeie’ on stage something to enjoy, well for us maybe not the guy doing it.  ‘Kings Road Ghosts’ just straight up rocks as a middle of the road track but holy shit it’s amazing. Then ‘Tuesday People’ continues in the same vein as what we’ve witnessed but that’s a good thing as these songs just take on such a great vibe live and the way the band delivers them ls perfect. They’re tight, pitch perfect and know exactly how to deliver their music to an audience. ‘Like a Ghost’ is a new one into the set and hello new favourite. Where did this come from?! This late in I’m loving this one and how does this now become my favourite of the night? Actual question and would like an answer. This is magnificent and it just keeps getting better as they’re just pulling out some killer shit towards the end of the set and this one is just close to the icing on the cake as they just go completely off the set list and just play what they want. This is so good!  With ‘Anemophobia’ they keep it going as the crowd sings along and then so much love for ‘22’ and I wish there was twenty two songs to go as I’d happily let this show keep going for as long as it can.

Matthew takes vocals on this one until James comes in and delivers the catchiest of all with this ripper, ‘Mildred’ complete with big rock ending, and sadly the band leaves the stage! Not for long though as they come back for one more, and one that the loving crowd seem to want and obviously a worthy addition to end the set with ‘Sing’, and everyone here did just that, sang until the last note, James’ voice never wavered, the band were still as tight from the first second they walked on stage and the crowd loved every second of this set.

I fucking love live music and tonight myself and the maybe two hundred other people here tonight got to hear a set of straight up kick ass rock and roll from a band on the rise, and to those that missed it make sure you never ever miss this band WHEN they come back to Australia.

Simply outstanding.


Essential Information

Venue: Oxford Arts Factory – Sydney

Date: September 13, 2017

Presented by: TEG Live


Set List:
Ashes, Ashes
I’m a Bore, Mostly
Boston Square
Speeding Cars
Kings Road Ghosts
Tuesday People
Like A Ghost

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