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Jessica Pimentel of Alekhine’s Gun (Video Interview)


“We just really want everything to mean something and we want it all to connect and be fluid, so it’s kind of like the most fitting name for us and we wanted to be taken seriously, serious like a chess game. So yeah, something that’s concentrated and focused…”

In Sydney, Australia on holidays while her partner Tomas of Meshuggah is here on tour with the band, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Pimentel who you may know from playing Maria in the Netflix series ‘Orange Is The New Black’, but what you may not know is that she fronts a metal band called ‘Alekhine’s Gun’. So we chatted about the band and how she ended up fronting a metal band, balancing acting and music, forthcoming albums, future endeavours and more…

Check out the interview below…

Essential Information

From: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Band members: Jessica Pimentel, Jeff Martinez, Dan Martinez, Angel Cotte


Latest Release: … And Kings Will Fall – EP (Out Now –

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