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Brett Anderson of Buried In Verona


“Do what you want no matter what anyone says or does to sabotage you. Take action as just thinking positive does not cut it in this life, you want to achieve life goals etc. you have to work for it and a lot of the time sacrifice many things. But the end result is always worth it.”

From release: Since the release of their 2012 album, Notorious, Buried In Verona have become the most polarising band in the Australian Heavy Music Community, simultaneously gaining popularity around the world while getting flamed from their online detractors. Notorious debuted at #20 on the ARIA Charts in June 2012, and saw the band get their first ARIA Nomination in Hard Rock category. They packed out rooms around Australia upon release and went on to support The Amity Affliction on their arena tour. What followed was US Management, a worldwide release and multiple UK, Europe and North American tours with artists like Motionless in White, Attila, Emmure and Chelsea Grin.

We had Brett of Buried In Verona answer some questions for us about the band’s new album ‘Faceless’ as well as touring, evolution and predictions for the future…

You’re just released your newest album in Australia, now this may be hard to do, but can you give us a one word review of it that you feel sums it up perfectly?

This being your fourth album, did you set out to do anything differently this time around compared to your previous releases?
We are always looking to write something new and fresh for us and our fans, we never want to write the same album twice so we look to push our own boundaries and hopefully the listeners.

In the two years since ‘Notorious’ what inspired the tracks that appear on ‘Faceless’?
Everything we write about are personal experiences and subjects we are extremely passionate about.
We talk about the hate and negativity we get and the fact we have pushed through it, Grown as a band and are still doing what we love and playing songs for a growing loyal and amazing fan base.

The title itself, ’Faceless’ what does it represent to you and how did it score naming rights to the album?
Just a metaphor for all the negative, cowards out there that talk shit and try and bring people down. This kind of thing happens daily around the world in every single person’s life whether be us in a band or a kid doing their best at school, the list goes on and on unfortunately.

I have to ask about ‘Set Me On Fire’ as A) what a song and 2) it’s such a different vibe for you guys. Is there a story about this one and how it came about?
We all love the softer side of music and when Richie wrote the music for that song we knew it had to go on the album. We have a motto in the band that anything that is truly good music (in our opinion) will not be discriminated against just because it doesn’t fit a ore determined sound or genre.

The rest of  the album is a brutal force, in working with Joey Sturgis as producer, what was he able to bring out of the band that you feel may have been missing previously?
Mainly just a fresh perspective and an amazing sense of what a heavy album should be. Definitely pushes for your absolute best.

Is there a message that you are wanting to get across with this new album?
Do what you want no matter what anyone says or does to sabotage you. Take action as just thinking positive does not cut it in this life, you want to achieve life goals etc. you have to work for it and a lot of the time sacrifice many things. But the end result is always worth it.

Talk us through the creation of the videos for ‘Splintered’ and ‘Illuminate’, which were insane to watch, tell us about the idea of the two parts and how you came up with the concept behind them…
Splintered was the more negative song on the album talking about people wasting life on nothing issues and following what they see as a socially acceptable path. To contrast that illuminate is about finding yourself and true passions, taking of the mask that society has given you and living happy and in the moments that we sometimes miss.

You’re also about to head out on tour, what can fans expect on this run of shows coming up?
The best show we have ever been able to put on, we are working hard on getting everything next level with our live show and making sure we entertain the fuck out of anyone who gave us there time and money to see us.

Are there any current plans to take it back overseas?
We head over to Europe in May with born of Osiris which we are all extremely excited about.

What do you personally seen as the biggest evolution that’s taken place musically within the band over your time together?
I guess the fact we are growing up as song writers and looking to any and all inspirations to write the best albums we can. I guess it’s just natural with an open mind to start loving more and more different types of music as life goes on.

Lastly, 2014 is well on its way now, so let’s try and predict the future. Finish this sentence for me… In 2014, Buried In Verona will…
Get weird with as many faces around the world as possible.

Essential information

From: Sydney, Australia

Band members:  Brett Anderson – Vocals, Richie Newman – Guitars/Vocals, Daniel Gynn – Guitars, Sean Gynn – Bass, Conor Ward – Drums

Latest Release: Faceless (UNFD) Out Now

Website:  http://www.buriedinverona.com

Catch Buried In Verona on the FACELESS album tour
Wednesday, April 16 – Jurassic, Perth, WA 18+*
Thursday, April 17 – POW, Bunbury, WA 18+*
Friday, April 18 – YMCA HQ, Leederville, WA AA*
Saturday, April 19 – Crowbar, Brisbane, QLD 18+
Sunday, April 20 – The Lab, Brisbane, QLD AA
Wednesday, April 23 – Fowlers Live, Adelaide, SA Lic AA
Thursday, April 24 – Plastic, Melbourne, VIC 18+
Friday, April 25 – Arrow on Swanston, Melbourne, VIC AA
Saturday, April 26 – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, NSW AA
Saturday, April 26 – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, NSW 18+



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