Music News — September 13, 2013 at 6:35 pm

Moshcam Gets Hardcore with the Best of Loud Fest!


Watch full sets from Alesana, Confession, Attila and Hand of Mercy

Crank your speakers, clear some space in the lounge room and warn your neighbours. From today, music video website Moshcam is premiering four heavy-duty, high-calibre performances from Alesana (US), Attila (US), Confession and Hand Of Mercy filmed on the Sydney leg of the Loud Fest punk/hardcore festival on Sunday 11 August.  Shot in HD at the Factory Theatre, the four sets will roll out over two weeks, streaming on demand at and its YouTube channel,

Moshcam have picked the biggest songs / best live moments for us to share. There’s 4 Alesana videos (including interview), 4 Attila (ditto ), 3 Confession (including interview), 3 Hand of Mercy (ditto) and 1 Hellions track so 15 in all. It’s a pretty good, explosive live playlist! So check it out!

Kicking off proceedings is Sydney hardcore powerhouse Hand Of Mercy. Running red hot off the back of their new single ‘Last Lights’, the title track to their second album released last year, the five-piece delivered a scorching set, joined by label mates Hellions for their last two songs.

Brace yourself when we premiere US post-hardcore headliners Alesana. Online, the North Carolina unit command 2.4 million Facebook fans; on stage, they channelled an adrenalised, emotive show that saw them easily earn their top billing. Emerging from their trademark huddle at the start of their set, the six-piece set the stage on fire with songs from their four albums to date.

Brace yourself for Australian hardcore heavyweights Confession (from 8pm AEST). Led by magnetic and manic frontman Michael Crafter, the band ripped through a fierce set in one of the highlights of the night. Sadly, it’s also the last recorded performance with guitarist Doyle Perez who left the band just days later.

Last but certainly not least is US party death metal rockers Attila whose searing set will premiere on Friday 13th September (from 9am AEST). Armed with their outrageous new album ‘About That Life’ (which hit #22 in the US in June), the five-piece fused brutal riffs with party raps and middle-finger attitude, turning the Factory into one fierce death metal throwdown.

About Moshcam:
Moshcam is the world’s leading producer and distributor of originally-produced live music videos, having filmed over 1300 artists to date. Moshcam distributes video on-demand via the internet, mobile networks and distribution partners. Moshcam’s YouTube channel is one of the fastest growing live music destinations on the YouTube platform.

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