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The Snowdroppers ‘Moving Out’ Tour Starts Next Week


**The Snowdroppers kick off their ‘Moving Out’ our in Brisbane next week**

“Full of catchy upbeat tracks and a few to tug a worn out heart string, the 10 track LP [Moving Out of Eden] will leave you feeling dirty, sleazy with a good kick in the face… in the best way possible.” – The AU Review

 “The release [Moving Out of Eden] is being praised as a much more streamlined version of the swampy, bluesy vibe. In other words, they’ve kept the balls, but found a much more grounded way to use them.” – Music Feeds

 “The new tracks show their movement into a more defined rock genre – good old Aussie rock n roll that is refreshingly honest and gets you out of your seat and dancing your ass off.” – Push To Fire

After your excellent feedback and some excellent band meetings (held over the finest cans of European export lager), we’ve decided the third and final single from our sexy second sophomore album “Moving Out of Eden” will be “So Much Better”, and we’ve organised a national tour to bring you it live!

“So Much Better” (at making each other feel worse) is a dancy little ditty about how much easier it is to twist a knife into someone when they’re someone you love. It’s celebrating the fact that as we learn to love, we learn to hurt. The Snowdroppers endorse learning in all its facets. It also has some sweet bass licks in the outro.

We’re going to spend what’s left of 2013 traveling around with our best rock n roll pals Gay Paris and a pantload of other like minded bands.


The ‘Moving Out’ Tour

w/ Gay Paris

Friday Sep 6th
Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane Qld

Saturday Sep 7th
Jive Bar Adelaide SA

(Black) Friday Sep 13th
John Curtin Band Room, Carlton VIC

Friday Sep 20th
Annandale Hotel, Annandale NSW

Saturday Sep 21st
Annandale Hotel, Annandale NSW
*not with Gay Paris


Once this is over we’ll be back into the writing dungeon for album #3 so this may be your last chance for a while to come get down with us!

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