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Miss Adventures Tour – Diva Demolition & Bellusira tour


Mix Rock ‘n’ Roll and two rock-chick fronted bands together… and there’s bound to be trouble… Double Trouble and two album launches in one. Diva Demolition just got off their tours with Aerosmith, KISS, Motley Crue and Thin Lizzy, playing to tens of thousands of people nationwide. In August they head out on their ‘Miss Adventures’ tour with Melbourne based alternative rockers – Bellusira.

Diva Demolition will release their highly anticipated album, produced by Craig Porteils, ‘Like It Too Much,’ and Bellusira will release their Ricki Rae produced debut album, ‘Connection’.

‘Connection’ is born out of struggle; every ounce of blood, sweat and tears to create a powerful but accessible work of art. From the titanic rock groove of their first single ‘Cachango’ to the lush electronic ambience of ‘Made of,’ this album is a body of work that will take them to their rightful place in the upper echelons of the rock scene.

Diva Demolition’s ‘Like It Too Much’ is a snapshot of the past twelve months of their wild musical ride, their relationships and new insights into life.  Good straight Rock ‘n Roll with a taste of cherry pie.

“This album has been the soundtrack to our life for the last year. To launch it, tour around Australia, and play these tunes live is bound to be an adventure we won’t forget. We will be collecting Toy Boys and spreading Diva Disease no doubt. We’re looking forward to playing to hometown audiences (in all our hometowns) and seeing what the live scene is like in the big cities. To be sharing the journey with Bellusira is pretty cool…and finally getting to meet up with some of our new fans who have been so supportive… that will be very special indeed.” – Kylie Cowling

It’s a great opportunity for us to connect with those who have followed our progress and saw us on the big stages, this time in a more intimate setting. It will be fun to share this journey with Bellusira, and no doubt share many great experiences with them.”  – Sherree Newton

“Bellusira are really excited to be hitting the road and joining forces with Diva Demolition for a big national tour to promote the release of our debut album ‘Connection.’ – Crystal Ignite – Bellusira

Diva Demolition will also be releasing the official video for Diva Disease this Thursday, June 20! The controversial teaser was turned down by Facebook’s advertising board; let’s see what they have to say about the full version…!


‘Like It Too Much’ by Diva Demolition (Album) available on iTunes August 2

‘Connection’ by Bellusira available on iTunes June 14 JB Hi Fi and all good records stores

Bellusira will release their video clip ‘Cachango’ on July 1

Tour Dates

Friday August 2

Saturday August 3

Friday August 9

Saturday August 10

Friday August 30

Saturday August 31

Sunday September 1

Factory Floor, Marrickville NSW

ANU Bar, Acton ACT

Tempo Hotel, Brisbane QLD

Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta GC

Enigma Bar, Adelaide SA

Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda VIC

New Market Hotel, Bendigo VIC

Connect with Diva Demolition:

Facebook: www.facebook/divademolition



Connect with Bellusira:


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