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LORD announces release date and album teaser for ‘DIGITAL LIES’


LORD announces release date and album teaser for ‘DIGITAL LIES’.

Australian melodic metallers LORD have set the Australian release date of their forthcoming album ‘Digital Lies‘ as February 22. Dates for New Zealand and Japan to follow, along with announcements for distribution partners for the rest of the world.Stated LORD mainman LT:

“Finally! It seems like a lifetime since we started this album until this point, but we’re finally here. For this release, we thought long and hard about other options regarding labels and, frankly, it’s a mess out there. The larger labels are doing everything they can to protect their revenue and are being very cautious  about who they deal with, and the smaller labels are at the mercy of a very volatile and changing market, and you can never be sure they’ll be still in business once the time to pay up comes around – we’ve unfortunately had to wear the consequences of that in the past.

We’ve chosen once again to distribute this release via Riot! Entertainment for Australia and New Zealand and Rubicon Music for Japan since we had such a great experience with them for our previous album ‘Set In Stone‘. For the rest of the world, however, we’ve chosen this time to keep as much control over our product as we can by planning to export to stores around the globe and sell directly from our own web store. As I mentioned before, the market is so fickle now, trusting a label to even be there let alone pay up is a risk we just can’t afford to take if we want to keep touring and releasing albums – simple as that.

Pre-sales from our online store begin from Monday, January 28 and the album will be available both as a physical product in Australia from February 22 as well as a digital download which will be available worldwide.

So what does it sound like?

If you know what LORD sounds like… well, that. We’re not reinventing ourselves or the genre at all. We haven’t tried to go off in any new and weird direction. There’s definitely an underlying dark technology vibe throughout the album as a theme, but other than that, it’s the same diverse sound that we’ve had since we were out there as DUNGEON.

But don’t take my word for it, make up your own mind! Here’s samples from the entire album. We hope you like it!”

Album teaser link:


Track listing:

  1. Incipio
  2. Betrayal Blind
  3. Digital Lies
  4. Point Of View
  5. Walk Away
  6. 2D Person In A 3D World
  7. Final Seconds
  8. The Last Encore
  9. Because We Can
  10. The Chalkboard Prophet
  11. Battle Of Venarium

Plus there will be additional bonus tracks for each territory release.

Once again, our cover art was handled by Felipe Machado [BLIND GUARDIANIRON SAVIORICED EARTH,GAMMA RAY].

LORD is essentially a continuation of DUNGEON, one of Australia’s longest running and highest profile heavy metal bands, that disbanded in 2005. LORD has released three full length albums, two EPs and a digital-only release live album, and continues to play the DUNGEON back-catalog live. The band have shared the stage with the likes of GAMMA RAYNIGHTWISHQUEENSRYCHE and most recently ICED EARTH and continue to tour internationally, appearing at Germany’s Headbangers Open Air festival in July. Their last critically acclaimed album, 2009?s “Set In Stone” featured guest appearances from Craig Goldy [ex-DIO],Pete Lesperance [HAREM SCAREM], Glen Drover [ex-MEGADETH], Felipe Andreoli [ANGRA], Olof Morck [AMARANTHE] alongside a host of other well known musicians.

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