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Continents – Idle Hands


I think I can sum this album up in three words ‘Holy Fucking Shit’.  Let me explain how I see this band and this album; to me there’s a perfect balance of everything here, to compare and bear with me here, it’s like when Mr Burns had all those diseases but, as they were all there and he had everything they all cancelled each other out and he was fine, well here we have Continents, a band who have taken the best parts of a heap of bands out there and with this magic conglomeration have now given us their debut ‘Idle Hands’ and it’s going to turn more than a few heads.

From the opener ‘224’ this thing just never lets up and it has no reason to, this is metal / hardcore at its best and the best I’ve heard in a while.  The title track is where it’s at for me early on and has  that feeling of being punched in the face but because you wanted to, the aggression and energy in this song is evident and works so if this continues throughout the rest of the album I’ll be happy.  ‘Pegasus, Pegasus’ sees us get our first taste of clean vocals in a very A Day To Remember type vibe and because of that gives us a chorus with a hook that you will make you want more, and it just doesn’t stop from there.  With no rest between tracks ‘Inhale’ keeps it heavy and musically some of the guitar work here is what makes the song, particularly an underlying guitar throughout the song which makes it for mine, this really is some great production indeed and this track will be hard to beat for a favourite on the album, see this one also has a guitar breakdown mid song that just slays it for me.

Now, I dig hardcore but it’s rare for me to get completely into some of this style of music straight off the bat but I think what makes Continents stand out is the fact that this to me it feels more like a metal record and a heavy one at that. What I mean is that Continents seem to be taking the traditional hardcore style of the hooky choruses and dirty vocals but have turned the metal up, as this is really some heavy shit and even better, they sound like they’ve been doing it for years!

All I can picture when listening to this album is one giant circle pit and a live show that would be absolutely insane, and I for one cannot wait to see these songs live, but from the back of the room where I can protect valuable body parts. Songs like ‘Land Of The Free’ and ‘Regrets’  are you guessed it, heavy, but let’s talk about the 2:15 instrumental ‘Loathe’  wow, starting quiet with a haunting bass style riff it turns into a monster of guitars which then leads directly in to the first single lifted from the album and a track which has been part of the Continents camp for some time namely ‘Trials’ this is a perfect choice and again musically this is more intense than a camp site, but then we have a geez, metal punk song? in ‘Exhale’ well, that’s what it feels like. Again, the balance is so good here and doesn’t deter from previous tracks.

Rounding it out with more of the above and changing it up by leaving us with a huge 80’s style power ballad, I’m kidding, please don’t hurt me… but truly to end we get ‘Lion’s Den’ which is just as heavy as anything we’ve already heard, in particular the last minute of the song which actually has a Pantera feel to it (you’ll hear what I mean) and is a great choice to finish what was one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a long time from a hardcore band. Now excuse me,  I have the urge to go and punch something.

Essential Information

From: South Wales, UK

For fans of: Metal / Hardcore

Release date: 25 January 2013

Record label: Victory Records / Riot! Entertainment

Website: http://www.continentsband.com

Track listing:
Idle Hands
Pegasus, Pegasus
Land Of The Free
Sheeps In Wolves’ Clothing
Truth And Lies
Lion’s Den

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