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After The Fall – Bittersweet


In summary: “If After The Fall can continue to write songs of this calibre, then hopefully we’ll continue to hear music from them for quite some time.”

It’s been what seems like much longer then the three years since we heard from Sydney siders ‘After The Fall’ who you may remember from songs such as ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Concrete Boots’ that graced the airwaves here some years ago. Well I’m happy to let you know that they are back with ‘Bittersweet’ a collection of the rock we love from a band that should not stop making music. What I’m trying to say is that it’s good to have them back.

From the opener ‘Same Old Thing’ which sets the scene, the album does nothing but give us many great melodies alongside a familiar sound. Songs like ‘Raise Your Voices’ stand out along with ‘The Fire Is Gone’ which is my favourite on the album. What I feel from this album is perfect, take the best parts of Grinspoon and Motorace and you get ‘Bittersweet’ and that’s so great to hear, well I think it is anyway. The title track sends a message and sounds like a song that needed to be written by these guys, take it for what it is and listen to the words and make up your own meaning from ‘Bittersweet’.

‘Lost It Again’ has a great middle 8 that hooked me; you should know that’s the way to my heart, great structure in that one indeed. Continuing to rock via songs like ‘All I Am’ and ‘Lies’ with a vibe that stays up and makes me look forward to having the opportunity to hear these songs live as I only got to see After The Fall once back in 2006. So all I can say is bring it on. On name alone I was worried about ‘RAH!’ but I can forget my worries as this one has a perfect groove in somewhat of a ‘Fuel’ vibe and an underlying riff that makes the song. Rounding out with ‘Dirty Sheets’ and album closer ‘Never There’ which is actually another favourite on the album with its rousing lyrics shouting “You were never there…” it’s fair to say that the album started as it did, by rockin’.

There really wasn’t a bad track in my books on this album, sure only a couple jumped out at me with the full 100% but that’s standard on albums, so I commend After The Fall for making a solid record and congratulations on a welcome return.

These eleven tracks give me a feeling that After The Fall are back, and by that I mean to stay. If After The Fall can continue to write songs of this calibre, then hopefully we’ll continue to hear music from them for quite some time.

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Essential Information

From: Australia

For fans of: Rock

Release date: 23 November 2012

Record label: MGM

Producer: After The Fall

Website: http://www.afterthefall.com.au

Track listing:
Same Old Thing
Nothing But Black
Raise Your Voice
The Fire Is Gone
Lost It Again
All I Am
Dirty Sheets
Never There


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