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Fear Factory to tour Australia


The rumours are true, Fear Factory are confirmed to tour Australia this September! Armed with their latest album The Industrialist, a new chapter in Fear Factory’s career of ideas and extremes, it’s the Fear Factory machine at its most confident and passionate, bringing every sonic weapon in its arsenal to the fore.

The shadow of the Los Angeles born band has loomed large, writing the book of industrial metal that has gone on to influence the likes of Rammstein and inform such stalwart noisemongers as Ministry. Fear Factory also merged the idea of melodic vocals erupting from death metal screaming long before it became modern metal’s de-riguer. Over the course of a many storied career that’s seen the success of five critically acclaimed albums plus a remix ep and album, Fear Factory has had a career of creative and commercial success, selling over three million records worldwide: they’ve also been plagued by bitter infighting and have emerged from it all in 2012 with a new alloy of aggression.


Wednesday 26th September HiFi Brisbane
Tickets from 1300 843 443

Thursday 27th September HiFi Sydney
Tickets from 1300 843 443

Friday 28th September HiFi Melbourne
Tickets from  1300 843 443

Saturday 29th September Unibar Adelaide
Tickets from 1300 GET TIX

Sunday 30th September Capitol Perth
Tickets from 1300 762 545

The Industrialist out now via Riot Entertainment

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