Music News — June 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Jean Beauvoir – 5 song Free Download


Jean Beauvoir has made available 5 songs for Free Download, yes that’s right…FREE DOWNLOAD.  Here’s a message from Jean for the reasons why and some details of the songs on offer.

Hi friends and fans!

I’ve created a special set of songs from my varied body of work which I am offering as a free download… I realize that some of you who are familiar with my work with either KISS, The Ramones, Solo, Crown Of Thorns, Voodoo X, N’Sync, Debbie Harry  or one of my other projects, may not be familiar with some of my other music, so in an effort to give everyone the opportunity to check out music from me you may not know, we’re starting with this free set of rare songs!

We are creating an email list to keep you in the loop with updates, and info on all I’ve done, doing and will do! Share, tweet and post to your hearts content and stay tuned for a note about an upcoming new musical endeavor…

The 5 free songs are :
1. A Love Like You –  Voodoo X  (written by Jean Beauvoir and Paul Stanley from KISS)

2. Something To Believe In –  Jean Beauvoir – Version  (Written by Jean Beauvoir, Joey Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone)

3. Monday –  Jean Beauvoir (Acoustic Album)

4. I Won’t Wait –  Crown Of Thorns  (Black CD)

5. I Wanna Know –  Jean Beauvoir  (Written by Jean Beauvoir and Lionel Richie)

Get the Download via the following link –

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