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My Dynamite – Self Titled


In 25 words or less: “This is the best album that The Black Crowes never released and for that, I am thankful that I now have a follow up to Shake Your Money Maker.”

Being Melbourne based myself, I’m somewhat shamed to say that I’ve only been witness to one My Dynamite live performance, in what must be their 3 or maybe is it 4 year existence?  Whilst here in 2012, my memory slightly fails me as to the details of the when and where of when this performance was that I witnessed, one thing my memory certainly does recall was the electric energy in the room during My Dynamite’s set.  There was a collective swagger, hips were shaking, toes were tapping and my face filled with a glorious smile thanks to the magnificent tune’age and stage presence being delivered by My Dynamite.  Fast forward now to 2012, the band has returned, this time in my email inbox to alert with news of their self titled debut album release.

Being the age I am, my introduction to the bands that My Dynamite so proudly wear on their sleeves, came from bands and albums such as The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker, The London Quireboys  – A Bit Of What You Fancy and Cinderella – Heartbreak Station specifically.  It was from these bands that I went back and delved into bands such as the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and The Faces, Led Zeppelin.  So why is this relevant…well simply, this release from My Dynamite is probably the first release in some 20 years that for me has really captured the essence of what I’ve loved about those three album earlier mentioned.  If you dig any of the bands referred to, then I simply cannot fathom how you could not totally get immersed in this release.

Clocking in at 10 tracks and just over 40 minutes, where the band may have had a tendency to, and are clearly more than capable of, jamming out some songs, they’ve instead opted for an album of punchy, hip shaking rock.  Take It Or Leave It kicks off proceedings with an instant feeling of familiarity and the tracks maintain an equally high standard from start to finish.  Don’t you just love it when a band throws their best tracks somewhere around Tracks 6 or 7, as is the case for this album, with Raise Your Glasses and Singing Stormy Weather tucked away to kick off Side B – if we are talking the old vinyl and cassette tape parlance.

When you can wear your influences so proudly on your sleeves and back it up with a swag of brilliantly awesome songs, who really cares whether what you deliver is original or not?  As a fan of music first and foremost, I know I certainly don’t care.  This is the best album that The Black Crowes never released and for that, I am thankful that I now have a follow up to Shake Your Money Maker.  Review done, now I must go check the gig guide, when are these guys playing next….?

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Essential Information

Release date: 26 March 2012

For fans of: Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Black Crowes

Record label: Listenable Records

Website: http://mydynamite.net

Track listing:

– Take it or leave it
– Inside out
– If we’re livin’
– Dirty game
– Watch yourself grow
– Raise your glasses
– Singing stormy weather
– Big attraction
– All the she brings
– Fork in your tongue

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