Music News — February 21, 2012 at 9:39 am

USA/Europe Summer Festival Update!


Whilst we might still be in the midst of our Summer festival season here in Australia, announcements have been starting to flow in thick and fast for the plethora of annual rock & metal festivals in the USA and Europe.   What appears below is not in anyway meant to be a comprehensive update, just merely a snapshot of our favourite ones, or ones that we know Australian’s regularly attend and in some cases even play at.  Look no further than Sydney rockers Sunset Riot who are playing Rocklahoma in 2012 and Australia’s melodic rock sensations White Widdow who played Firefest in 2011.

So who is heading off to festivals this year in 2012?  We would love to hear your plans!

Click on each of the banners below for more info…and please be aware, that these are NOT final lineups, just the current lineups at February 21st!!















































































































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