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Madison Violet – Notes in Newtown – 23 February


Thursday night and on the bill tonight is something a little different in Canadian folk rock duo Madison Violet.

First support act Jordan Miller was as smooth as a single barrel scotch, with songs so easy to listen to and a killer voice to boot he entertained the small crowd that began to grow with each song sang. This cat can play the guitar too, great technique and I’d happily listen to him sing the phone book. Not even hecklers could stop him and kudos to that. A great set and a hidden talent in Australia.

Morgan Joanel who even makes sound check sound good was up next and as per our previous act Morgan is a name that should be much more well known. She has the look, the talent and the songs. I’m a big fan of a loop pedal and Morgan works it well as she uses multiple layers within songs giving them the feel of a band blending with her harmonies that are perfection. A true talent to me is someone that can simply take an acoustic guitar and own the stage with it. Morgan can do that and why she isn’t yet a household name amazes me. It’ll happen. Mark my words.

So far this is an excellent beginning to the night and with Madison Violet up next we should hit the trifecta.

The duo of Madison Violet, wow, these girls have what they do down to an art. Their Harmonies are perfect and what this is simply a pleasure to listen to.  In their first visit back in over four years and with two albums under their belt in this time including the newly released ‘The Good In Goodbye’ the girls deliver a set of old and new material and the small but attentive crowd are silent and in a way captivated by the music.

The stories behind the songs truly give you a sense of the meaning and when listening to them they truly do take the stories on to perfection. Through the use of guitars, fiddle, harmonica, pedals and mandolin the songs are delivered with passion and compassion. They really are that good and I wish there were more people here to witness this as it’s something special.

Finishing off the night unplugged to not break curfew with the title track off their new album ‘The Good In Goodbye’ and instigating a sing along which was interesting but worked and truly a perfect way to end an excellent evening of acoustic music. It was in a way, soothing.

To quote the girls “There ain’t nothing left to sing that already ain’t been sung…”

Essential Information

Date: 23rd February 2012

Venue: Notes in Newtown


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