Music News — February 16, 2012 at 8:34 am

Indica- news from the studio!


The five finnish ladys from INDICA are currently working on their follow up to their successful “A Way Away“ record, which is yet untitled and scheduled to be released in autumn 2012.

Vocalist Jonsu, gives an update from the studio recordings: „We are happy to tell you that we´ve now started to record the next album in „Petrax Studios“. The beginning was difficult as always. We are working with great and really talented guys, Roland Spremberg (producer) and Marc Schettler (sound engineer and mixing), but I must admit that it took some time for all of us, to get used to each others working habits. When Roland visited our rehearsal place the first time, he looked quite terrified… awful mess everywhere and nothing was ready. Just the chaos of ideas without a good structure. But day by day the picture became clearer and in the end we all had a wonderful feeling about the album and a pretty clear picture in our heads. It just took some time.“

Roland Spremberg (Unheilig, A/ha) and Marc Schettler (Farin Urlaub, Sportfreunde Stiller) have been part of the production team of the previous album as well. “Our biggest dream is to create something unique that will bring a big smile to your faces and something that will be with you when life feels difficult. That´s what music can be in its best. A lovely friend that you never want to get rid of. It will always be there for you when you need it. I still don´t know how well we will succeed, but the trip has started and we will promise to work like small ants until we get there. You stay in our hearts“, adds Jonsu.

On the bands Facebook page you find short movies and funny pics from the recording – check it out under:

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