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Spitfire Rain – Gonna Get Better (EP)



In 25 words: Radio friendly rock, but with a bit of attitude, a shot of personality and uniqueness and a ballsy Australian rock sound loaded with pop sensibilities.

For Melbourne’s rock dynamos Spitfire Rain, the journey to get to this EP release certainly hasn’t been an easy one or a quick one, but the important thing, here it is and it’s Gonna Get Better!  Having been privy to these songs now for the best part of 12 months, not to mention witnessed many live performances, this EP is like an old friend that I never get tired of visiting.  But in saying that, please don’t let my sense of familiarity cloud this review, for this EP could also soon be your best friend.  The term “radio friendly rock” is certainly one thrown around with reckless abandon these days, but the beauty of Spitfire Rain is that here’s a band that delivers a brand of “radio friendly rock” that comes with it’s own identity and personality.  With the captivating vocals of Suzani Rain backed by a brand of ballsy, but catchy melodic rock, there’s certainly a healthy dose of Aussie rock from bands such as The Divinyls and Baby Animals in the Spitfire Rain sound, but then turn to a cacophony of modern and classic rock influences for what drives the rest of the bands sound.

The driving guitar opening of Shotgun Baby is just the warning shot before a chorus that will hit you like the “melodic hurricane” that the band say they are.  In 2.42mins they even manage to fit in a key change, now here’s a band with their priorities in check!  Gonna Get Better should be all over the radio, as simple as that.  Hear this song once and I defy you to get this chorus out of your head.  From the song with plenty of attitude Too Young, through to the mid tempo When I’m Not With You with its Def Leppard’esque guitars, or even the vulnerable sentiments of closing track Unspoken, the EP has a song for everyone topped off with lyrics that you can really connect with….at least I certainly have!

If there was justice in the musical world, which there certainly is not, then the songs of Spitfire Rain are ones you should be hearing a lot, lot, more of.  For those of you out there crying out for radio friendly rock, but with a bit of attitude, a shot of personality and uniqueness and a ballsy Australian rock sound loaded with pop sensibilities, Spitfire Rain is your answer.

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Essential Information

From: Melbourne, Australia

Sounds like: A melodic hurricane…but tighter. (Spitfire Rain, 2011)

Website: Spitfire Rain Facebook

Latest release: Gonna Get Better (2011)


Spitfire Rain Photo’s Date: Friday August 13th, Venue: Pier Live, Frankston, Melbourne, Photo’s by: Lens Of Rock (www.lensofrock.com)

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