Music News — September 28, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Reckless Love – new album Animal Attraction out October 5th!


Reckless Love – now there’s a name that pretty much says it all. Hot on the heels of their wildly successful eponymous album, the smile has hardly left your face, when the Barons of Boinky-Boink are at it again… With glint in their eyes, the The Loudspeakers of Love are back with a bang! These Frilly Finns are no newbies to nookie. No, their sophomore effort Animal Attraction sounds like a dirty dream. The tunes take you aboard a reckless ride through a young man’s libido stuck on sustained overdrive. The songs’ subject matter revolves around, well… you know what.

With hard-hitting songs featuring some of the sexiest elements in the history of hard rock & pop, Animal Attraction may well be more contagious than a STD. With lyrics hornier than an average stampede to boot, The Emperors of Exotic Escapade will make you either blush like a virgin or leave your facial muscles cramped for good. Therefore, a Surgeon General warning best be issued. As it is the raunchiest romp in recent memory, listening to “Animal Attraction” in public places may cause embarrassing situations. The music may affect brain function and, on the more susceptible recipients, the lyrical content may concentrate blood flow to body parts you’d rather have it not to. The silver lining though, is that listening to Animal Attraction lasts longer than your average… well, never mind. But don’t be too surprised if you have an urge for a cigarette afterwards!

ANIMAL ATTRACTION album tracklist:

1. Animal Attraction
2. Speedin’
3. Born To Break Your Heart
4. Hot
5. Fantasy
6. Dirty Dreams
7. Dance
8. Fight
9. Switchblade Babe
10. On The Radio
11. Coconuts









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