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Aaron Gillespie of The Almost


“There’s truth out there, there’s hope out there, you know, we’re a Christian band, if people can find Christ in it, they can find an outlet in it, they can find freedom in it, you know all of the above.”

Formed in 2005, The Almost are probably best well known for their lead singer Aaron Gillespie who is the former drummer for Underoath. He stepped away from them to concentrate solely on The Almost and having recorded two albums; Southern Weather and Monster Monster, as well as two EP’s, the Almost are set to drop another full length album this year. After multiple successful tours and shows in the US, and impressing Aussie audiences as part of last year’s Soundwave tour, the Almost are pumped about coming back to Australia and letting loose some brand new songs and sounds!

We had the chance to talk to Aaron Gillespie about their upcoming show at the Big Exo Day as well as the new album…

You’re back in Australia to play the Big Exo Day on the 17th September, what can fans expect from you guys at this show?
Yes, you know just an honest rockin’ good time I hope, The Almost have only been here one time so we’re kind of itching to get back, so it’s good to be here.  I’m here now, I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff, I’m actually out in the country of Victoria right now so yeah.

I noticed that you’ve been out with the Kangaroos and Koalas and all sorts of things today…
Dude, it’s insane man, you know you see Kangaroos in the park, I’ve been here five or six times in the park but you never see them just out and roaming around, it’s crazy.

Tell us a bit about the Big Exo Day and how you got involved with it.
I actually met Sandra who’s the director of Big Exo Day at a festival in the States last Summer, and she was just super stoked about us connecting and getting over there and we did so it’s all downhill from here, so yeah…

Sound ike it could be quite a different crowd to your appearance here at Soundwave last year.
You know, I’ve never been so I don’t really know much about it to be honest, we’re excited to get out there and just be honest with people and share our lives and kind of see how it happens you know

Is it true that you’re currently working on a new album?
Yeah we’ve just gotten started to be honest

When can we expect to hear it?
It’ll be next year, that’s all I can really say, we’re kind of head long into it right now.

Do you do the writing when you’re out and about or do you have a set formula?
It’s a bit of both, all the guys just flew to, we have a place that we rent at home that we rehearse in and store our gear in so everybody just flew in and kind of got together to cast our vision for it and kind of feel it out.  We do a bit of both, emailing riffs back and forth and a bit of writing on the road and a bit of sending each other files and a bit of flying and meeting and writing together, so it’s a little bit of everything.

Are you going to try and make it a little different to the past two albums?
You know I don’t really ever think it’s good to just start straight away with an idea of what you want it to be like, I think it’s good to just write and see where you get.

Can we expect to hear any new songs when you’re down here?
It’s a bit too early still

Growing up who were your major influences that made you want to become a performer?
You know, a lot of different people, I grew up in church listening to a lot of that music, so I really loved a lot of that and still do, U2, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, so many different acts.  My Dad collected records so there was always something around to listen to.

Were you ever a Stryper fan?
No, I’ve never really been a fan of 80’s style metal.

Making the jump from Underoath to The Almost, did you see a shift in your fan base because of that?
We actually started touring with The Almost in ’06 so it was kind of right in the middle of the Underoath craze so I did both for a long time, I never really noticed much of a difference because its been kind of the same the whole time you know.

Obviously the change from drums to being the lead vocalist, was there ever a time you had doubt that you were doing the right thing?
Every night ha ha. I’m a drummer by trade so it’s kind of interesting you know.

You toured Australia with both bands, how do the crowds differ?
Not much to be honest with you, not that I’ve noticed.  It seems to be the same kids.

Am I right in saying you basically recorded the bands first album entirely yourself?
I did, yeah.  It’s a bit stressful but it’s fun, although I didn’t play bass on 2 songs.  It’s fun though.

How do you then feel when you have to get a band together to then play the parts that you’ve played?
I’m thankful, it’s good to have a bunch of dudes that believe in something enough to kind of go and do it even though it doesn’t have their proverbial stamp on it you know.

What do you hope to get across to people with your music?
There’s truth out there, there’s hope out there, you know, we’re a Christian band, if people can find Christ in it, they can find an outlet in it, they can find freedom in it, you know all of the above.

Tell us about your solo album you released earlier this year, why was it important for you to do this?
You know I got my start as a kid leading worship in church and I kind of always just wanted to go back and do a record like that, so I just felt really impressed upon to do it and I’m really excited to have it out there.

Are you going to keep doing the solo thing or is it more a focus now back to the band?
A bit of both I think, I think I’ll do both, I’m here doing solo stuff now and schools and churches and things like that with me and one other guy.

How much longer are you in town?
We leave the morning after Exo day, my wife is pregnant, I just have to get home as quick as I can.

Lastly do you have a message for your Australian fans?
Thanks for caring, there’s hope for you, there’s a future for you, we appreciate it.

Thanks Aaron, hopefully your message will get across.
Thank you.


Essential Information

From: USA

Band: Aaron Gillespie – Vocals, Jay Vilardi – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals, Dusty Redmon – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals,  Joe Musten – Drums

Website: http://www.thealmost.com

Latest Release: Monster Monster (Tooth & Nail Records)

Details of The Big Exo Day can be found here…


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