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Simple Plan – Get Your Heart On!


 “We’re talking about Simple Plan here, not The Beatles – Have a listen, you know you’re curious”

I’m going to start this review with my summary of this album so you don’t instantly dismiss it. It’s actually really, really good. This is a fun record that sees Simple Plan try out somewhat of a new sound and feel for the songs on this album. Basically if I gave this to you and said “Hey put this on and tell me who it is…” you wouldn’t get it first go. I love what they’ve done with their sound and this record ‘Get Your Heart On!’ They’re still the same band, yes a little young and immature at times but if you were to compare this to their debut album you’d think they were two different bands.

Opener ‘You Suck At Love’ sets the tone for the power pop rock we’re in store for and it doesn’t stop from there, ‘Can’t Keep My Hands Off You’ features Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and you can most definitely hear the Weezer influence on the track. First single and perfectly created song ‘Jet Lag’ that is a duet with stunner and under rated singer Natasha Bedingfield is catchier than the common cold and has proven that as it has been a hit on radio all over the world, the song, not the cold. It’s easily my favorite song on the album, and I find myself humming it around the house often, proof of a well written musical groove. ‘Astronaut’ sees Simple Plan tackle some deep lyrics, in fact this is not your regular sounding Simple Plan song at all, if you listen closely enough you’ll get it, well I think I did, but I really enjoyed this track.  Lyrically some of the songs on the album leave a little to be desired on a track like ‘Loser Of The Year’ but you almost forget that as you’re bopping along to the infectious music they’ve created.

‘Freaking Me Out’ features Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low as the bevy of guests on the album continues and is a great song, at times electro but it hits a chorus that will have you singing it in no time.  The turn it takes next is to a song called ‘Summer Paradise’ one of those token “Hey this would be perfect for a movie or a commercial so let’s put it on an album and see what happens…” I can give or take this one, it’s such a variation from the pervious songs and feels like it was just thrown in. What they do next was beyond unexpected from me, a big power ballad called ‘Gone Too Soon’ a great effort with that one, even kicks in a key change, a power ballad rule. The album finishes off with a couple of rockers in ‘Last One Standing’ and ‘This Song Saved My Life’ which features some fans on backing vocals, it’s a good way to finish off what has been a fun pop rock album.

As I said, it’s a really good record, yeah lyrically they can be a bit silly, borderline ridiculous at times but that’s what they do, we’re talking about Simple Plan here, not The Beatles.  So if you want a good fun pop rock album with songs that will have your foot tapping along on every one then why not give this a go? Go on… You know you’re curious.

You Suck at Love
Can’t Keep My Hands Off You (feat. Rivers Cuomo)
Jet Lag (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
Loser Of The Year
Anywhere Else But Here
Freaking Me Out (feat.Alex Gaskarth)
Summer Paradise (feat.K’Naan)
Gone Too Soon
Last One Standing
This Song Saved My Life

Essential Information

Band: Pierre Bouvier – vocals, Chuck Comeau – drums, backing vocals, David Desrosiers – bass, backing vocals, Sebastien Lefebvre – guitar, backing vocals, Jeff Stinco – lead guitar

Released: Out Now

Label: Warner Music Australia

Produced By: Brian Howes

Website: www.simpleplan.com

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