Samurai Cab Co. – Self Titled (EP)


 In 25 words or less: An infectious cocktail of energetic rock that has healthy doses of power pop, classic rock, hard rock, a streak of punk and choruses you will be struggling to get out of your head..

The Samurai Cab Co. – now there’s a band name that you won’t forget that easily, and I tell you what, nor will you forget their infectious brand of power pop rock in a hurry either.  Hailing from Connecticut, USA, some of you may already be familiar with Chris McCarvill, the bands lead vocalist and bass player, current member of House Of Lords and who has also played with the likes of Dokken, Jeff Scott Soto, Mike Vesscera (Obsession, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen) and Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda.  Likewise, BJ Zampa, drummer for the SCC can also be found not far away from Chris McCarvill playing with the likes of House Of Lords, Dokken, Obsession and Eddie Ojeda.  And whilst Chris shall tell the story in the interview you can read right here, it was that association between the two that led to the creation of the Samurai Cab Co. back in 2008 after finishing up with the Dokken tour.

Whilst a full length album is currently in the works, last year the band released a four track EP which certainly have left my ears eagerly awaiting more.  An infectious cocktail of energetic rock that has healthy doses of power pop, classic rock, hard rock, a streak of punk and above all each song hits you with a chorus you will be struggling to get out of your head.  If I was forced to name a few similar artists as a reference point for who Samurai Cab Co. remind me of, well let me fire Ryan Roxie’s band Roxie 77,  Enuff Z Nuff and Tal Bachman at you, all 3 certainly know how to write some amazing rock inspired by healthy doses of classic rock and pop from the 70’s and 60’s and that’s certainly the vibe I get from SCC.

The beauty of the songwriting on this EP courtesy of Chris McCarvill is that just when you think you have a song worked out, there is a little twist and turn here and there to keep your listening ears on your toes. Lead track I’ll Be Fine, remember what I said about the band being an “infectious cocktail”….even right down to the guitar solo, the track has an undeniable swagger and a video clip that you need to watch!  Plastic Rose brings out a slightly darker and punkier side from the bands repotoire.  Your Eyes on the other hand, well those glorious vocal harmonies nearly head into The Eagles territory, my favourite song off the EP.  Getting Closer delivers a bit more of a rockier punch and some big yeah, yeah, yeah’s….now don’t we all love those in a chorus!

Having recently finished up the recording of the new House Of Lords album, let’s hope the Samurai Cab Co. guys can get onto recording and releasing some new tracks as my ears certainly can’t wait!

Track listing:
I’ll Be Fine
Plastic Rose
Your Eyes
Getting Closer

Essential Information

Released: 2010

Label: Independent

Producer: Chris McCarvill

Website: Official facebook page

Checkit out if you like: Infectious rock with a distinct classic rock and pop flavour


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