Music News — August 28, 2011 at 10:40 am

New Found Glory – To release new album, Radiosurgery


The eternally endearing, always entertaining kings of pop punk NEW FOUND GLORY return this autumn with their brand new studio album Radiosurgery. The album’s exciting title track is available for download on iTunes NOW thanks to EPITAPH!

Radiosurgery continues the band’s high energy musical journey while simultaneously paying homage to the bands that inspired them to first pick up instruments as teenagers back in Coral Springs Florida.

“Our music is constantly evolving and changing and when this band puts out an album we always try to offer something different,” explains guitarist Chad Gilbert. “With this disc we wanted to go back to the music that got us into punk and incorporate influences from those albums.”

For this latest venture, New Found Glory was aided by a trusted producer Neal Avron, who worked with the band on Catalyst in 2004, and has honed his chops in the interim with artists like Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park. The resulting songs sound undeniably like New Found Glory but they also have a timeless punk feel that will appeal to both diehard fans as well as new converts.

Fans of New Found Glory will remember this hit, and this hit, oh and who can forget this one? Oh, oh and this epic singalong.

The good news is, guitarist Steve Klein suggests Radiosurgery is a cataclysmic combination of “all our albums put together”. Klein continues: “In a lot of ways we feel like a new band when we’re playing these songs because they’re so energized and they affirm the fact that we’re going to be a band for a long time…In a lot of ways it feels like we’re just getting started.”

Here’s hoping.

New Found Glory’s anticipated new album Radiosurgery is set to arrive in stores September 30th via Epitaph Records.

Single available for purchase on iTunes here!









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