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David Cook – This Loud Morning

 “If you’ve never heard of him well now is your time to discover David Cook.”

The stigma associated with being an American Idol truly isn’t something that people care about as they do here at home with Australian Idol as American Idol has proven to be a launching ground for multi platinum selling artists such as Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood to name a few but along with them is David Cook. His debut album was huge in the States and produced some songs that were instant classics and now he’s back with his new release ‘This Loud Morning’ and it’s good. Damn good. If you like radio friendly rock that has a melody and a chorus then this is for you.

Opening song ‘Circadian’ sets the tone for the album and it doesn’t slow down from there. Producer Matt Serletic probably most notable for his work with Matchbox Twenty gives these songs that perfect mix that gives you layers of sounds, multiple layered guitars and the vocals out front. The sound on ‘This Loud Morning’ is stellar. Through tracks such as ‘We Believe’ and personal favourite ‘Fade Into Me’ we hear David Cook put his all into the songs and this can be heard mostly on the big power ballad ‘Take Me As I Am’ which needs to be a single and if I have anything to do with it, it will be. I don’t though, so here’s hoping it just ends up as a single. I haven’t found a track I don’t like yet which is always a sign of a great album in my opinion. Lead single ‘The Last Goodbye’ comes in at number 8 and for those that haven’t heard it, hits a groove that has you tapping along in no time. 

The album rounds out with some more quality tunes, each as good as the next but my favourite track on the album is actually a bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album called ‘This Is Not The Last Time’ how this didn’t make the cut of the final 12 tracks amazes me. It’s killer. It even gives us the only key change of all the songs, always a winner in my books.

I really do love it when an artist releases an album of just quality rock songs. David Cook has backed up a strong debut with in my opinion a truly great second album and one that you should most definitely check out. If you’ve never heard of him well now is your time to discover David Cook.

Right Here, With You
We Believe
Fade Into Me
Hard To Believe
Take Me As I Am
Time Marches On
The Last Goodbye
Paper Heart
4 Letter Word
Goodbye To The Girl
Rapid Eye Movement
This Is Not The Last Time (deluxe edition)
Let Me Fall For You (deluxe edition)

Essential Information

Release Date: June 28th 2011

Label: RCA Records / 19 Records

Produced By: Matt Serletic

For Fans Of: Rock


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