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Black Veil Brides – Set The World On Fire


In 25 words or less:  I wish more bands made albums like this, it’s heavy, it’s melodic and it’s going to set the world on fire… given the chance.

OK, this is rockin’!  I’m five seconds into this album and I already know it will be a winner, straight out of the gate I am impressed.  Black Veil Brides are back with their newest album, and their second in less than a year following on from their debut ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ they now give the us ‘Set The World On Fire’ and it truly means business. ‘New Religion’ leads us off and is full of melodic metal riffs and a big chorus that already has me hooked!  If this is what I’m in for then bring it on!  The title track keeps the big choruses and big riffs coming but it’s when we hit ‘Fallen Angels’ that I’m completely sold on this album, I would’ve been happy with a one track album if this was the song.  This is a song full of ‘whoa ohs’ big gang choruses, harmony guitar solos and pure metal awesomeness!  I need to side note here; don’t let the look of the band deceive you or turn you away, I’m telling you right now, give this a go, yeah that’s right, I’m telling you here, not even as a sum up at the end of the review!  That’s how good this is.

As the album progresses it just makes me love the fact that these guys are making music like this, they’re bringing back the look, the rock, the thing that I feel has been missing for far too many years.  ‘God Bless You’ gives us a riff that you will be hooked on as soon as the song starts, but it’s a song like ‘Rebel Love Song’ that has me here shaking my head; it’s ridiculously good, I could name 12, no, 15 bands that probably WISH they had written and recorded this song.  I can almost hear the jealousy from these bands purely because of this song.  The album takes a turn and hits us with a ballad called ‘Saviour’, oh but one of those special ballads that builds up and rocks the outro, throw in a few screamo vocals for good measure (the first of only two on the album) and hey presto, big rock ballad!  In fact, I can’t fault anything I’ve heard here on this album, it continues with ‘Legacy’ the first single from the album which encompasses everything that BVB sound like they are and want to be. ‘Ritual’ reminds me of the best song that Lostprophets never wrote but for me the album ends perfectly with ‘Youth And Whisky’ a big track with chunky riffs and showed that from start to finish Black Veil Brides meant business.

Musically these guys can play, I mean really play, the musicianship on ‘Set The World On Fire’ is pristine, it’s not too technical that it’s messy and not too full that it’s over bearing.  It’s a perfect blend of metal, glam rock, hard rock and hardcore.  They’ve found the right balance and they best not move as to tip the scales, they can stay right where they are with what they’ve created.  It’s killer!

I wish more bands made albums that sounded like this, it’s heavy, it’s melodic and it’s going to set the world on fire… given the chance.

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Essential Information

Band: Andy Biersack – Vocals,  Ashley Purdy – Bass, Jinxx – Guitar, Jake Pitts – Guitar, Christian Coma – Drums

Release date: June 14th 2011

Label: Universal Music Australia

Produced By: Josh Abraham and Lucian Walker


For Fans Of: Metal, Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Hardcode. Take your pick!

New Religion
Set The World On Fire
Fallen Angels
Love Isn’t Always Fair
God Bless You
Rebel Love Song
Die For You
Youth And Whisky



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