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3 Doors Down – Time Of My Life


 “This is an album of well written and performed songs, give it a go before you dismiss it. Just sayin’ ”

If there’s one thing that 3 Doors Down will never do it’s reinvent the wheel. These guys have a distinct sound that they stick with it and it works, hey, if it ain’t broke why fix it? This new album from 3 Doors Down is great as are their others but what this album gives us is a feel of growth as a band and a huge production at the hands of Howard Benson (Daughtry, Creed, P.O.D), basically these songs sound great.The title track kicks off the album and it made me think of ZZ Top, listen, you’ll hear it, followed up by another rocker and first single lifted from the album in ‘When You’re Young’ which I really dig. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Back To Me’ are two stand outs on the album, lyrically these hit me the most, I can see either of these being singles. My favourite though comes in the sound of second single ‘Every Time You Go’ which has a catchy chorus and is easily in my opinion the best track on the album.

‘What’s Left’ is a big rock ballad that hits that perfect formula and leads directly into one of the heaviest songs on the album in ‘On The Run’ which is awesome. I can give or take ‘She Is Love’ I’d put that as my least favourite on the album so far, ahhh there’s the guitars, better. As we start to round out the album I start to worry it’ll just be filler but how wrong am I? ‘My Way’ is second to last and far from filler, a big rocker, but not as much as the last track ‘Believer’ which is a perfect way to end the album, great lyrics, big guitar solo and killer groove, nice work 3 Doors Down, enjoyable album! 

The deluxe version of the album includes acoustic versions of the first two singles ‘When You’re Young’ and ‘Every Time You Go’ which gives the songs a new dynamic and a bonus track called ‘The Silence Remains’ which could’ve very easily and should’ve been included on the standard release. Also included is a demo of ‘Train’ lifted from their last album as a little bonus.

Overall, another great rock album from a band that people like to write off, they shouldn’t, this is an album of well written and performed songs, give it a go before you dismiss it. Just sayin’


Time Of My Life
When You’re Young
Round And Round
Race For The Sun
Back To Me
Every Time You Go
What’s Left
On The Run
She Is Love
My Way
When You’re Young (Acoustic)
Every Time You Go (Acoustic)
The Silence Remains
Train (demo)

Essential Information

Band: Brad Arnold – Vocals, Matt Roberts – Guitar, Todd Harrell – Bass, Chris Henderson – Guitar, Greg Upchurch – Drums

Released: Out Now

Label: Universal Music Australia

Produced By: Howard Benson


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