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MofoIsDead – Nubile


 I love Bands that can make a record and release it independently. This is the case with MofoIsDead, their debut effort ‘Nubile’ is really hard to explain or to pigeon hole. These guys in their bio say ‘It’s like Muse having sex with Guns N’ Roses… and then having a baby called Radiohead.’ Accurate? Yeah kinda ha ha. Does that give you somewhat of an idea of what to expect?

From the opener ‘Resistance is Futile’ to the first single Love Me we get a feel for just what these guys are trying to get across and it’s good. Crunching guitars, soaring vocals and well written songs are the essence of Nubile. I get elements of Jeff Buckley in some of the tracks with frontman Paul Galagher’s vocals perfectly suited to these songs he has written. Case & point is the third track in, a haunting ballad called Inevitabillity that gives us a bit of everything. It’s a killer track. From that we’re back to the rock and this is where we stay for a while, and it’s a good thing. Rainhead is a great rock track that could be lifted as a single, great chorus and groove to this one.

Another big ballad The Vulcanologist’ once again showcases Galagher’s range which is stellar. The album then takes a bit of a left turn with Darkness Splendour although a good song it does stand out like a sore thumb compared to the previous tracks. It’s a very good acoustic, haunting driven song but completely not expected with differing vocals. The album rounds out with a huge rocker The Unnameable complete with bass riff solo and we’re done.

What I do love about this album is you just don’t know what you’re going to get from one track to the next. Plain and simple, it works. I wish good things for MofoIsDead and of course, May the Rock be with them.

Resistance Is Futile
Love Me
Pretty ones
Darkness Splendour
Ballad Of The Hazardous Looseman

Essential Information

Musical Style: Rock

Released: Out Now

Label: Independent

Website: www.mofoisdead.com

Check it out if you like: A mix of all things Rock!

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