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Melodic Rock is where it’s at and FarCry have it down to a fine art!  Optimism is an album of great catchy songs and is for lack of a better word, awesome.  This is the bands second release after their very well received debut High Gear from a couple of years ago.  What I’m finding is that I’m starting to enjoy this new release more than their debut and that isn’t always the case with a lot of bands releases, so well done on a great release.

Straight out of the cage with Satisfaction they mean business, a big rocker that get’s your attention within seconds, but its track two that is my instant favourite Over And Over (Again!) is a cold that you want to catch, I am a sucker for a perfect chord progression and this has it.  Guitarist Pete Fry showcases his talents on this track and on many others on Optimism, guitar solos at any time are required and Pete can shred with the best of them.

Now if there’s something I love more than a Power Ballad then please let me know what it could be as it’s almost impossible.  Better than This should have lighters or mobile phones or anything hoisted into the air and waved back and forth celebrating this big rock ballad.  It’s a winner, this is the kind of song that should be playing over movie credits, in fact, why is it not?  Let’s make that happen.

The album continues on with rockers like Love at First Sight and Too Hot to Hold songs that would kick ass live. Finishing off with When the Lights Go Down a perfect way to round out a truly well made rock album.  It’s great to be able to put an album on is full of melodic rock and songs that make you feel good.  That’s what FarCry have given the world with Optimism, here’s hoping it can do some big things for them.  I’m optimistic.

1. Satisfaction
2. Over And Over (Again!)
3. Nothing You Can Do
4. Better Than This
5. Love At First Sight
6. Now That It’s Over
7. Free
8. Best of Me
9. Too Hot To Hold
10. When The Lights Go Down

Essential Information

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

Released: Out Now

Label: Kivel Records

Website: www.farcryband.net

Check it out if you like: Melodic Rock

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