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Now here at May The Rock Be With You we are all about every covering every genre of Rock music, and while this may not be the traditional rock we’re all used to, the new album from Billy Falcon is as heartfelt as you’d want.  It’s so well written both lyrically and musically.  Basically this album can and should move you. This may be partly due to the fact that it was written for and dedicated to his daughter Rose.

The title track When is nothing short of amazing, it made me go and get a glass of wine and just take in the emotion it oozes. Falcon to me feels like a mix of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, the songs mean something, they’re real life. This could explain the partnership he’s had with Bon Jovi as Billy has been co-writer of a few of their tracks over their career, his words gel with people as do Bon Jovi’s so it works.  When also contains a version of When We Were Beautiful a song from Bon Jovi’s last studio album that Billy co wrote. He puts his raspy spin on it and makes it his own. It has a completely different feel to the Bon Jovi version and its genius.

It’s so refreshing to hear an album as raw and honest as this. Songs like When You Were Mine are positively heartbreaking, the sentiment exuded on this track alone trumps anything released in the last year. With a lyric such as ‘I wake up with tears on my face. Dreams can be the cruellest time machine…’ I was in the song, I felt it and I almost started crying, now that’s a songwriter. Just don’t tell anyone about the crying thing…

If you love the great American poets such as those I mentioned in Dylan, Petty & Springsteen well I think you can add Falcon to the list.  This man can write a song. I recommend ‘When’ to anyone and I dare you to not feel it deep inside. That’s what music is supposed to do, and to me this album did it.

This is one of my albums of the year so far.  I’m off to buy his back catalogue.

1. Flying
2. Sunday Comes
3. 100 Dollar Bill
4. Fall To Me
5. When
6. Don’t Make Me Love You
7. The Boat
8. God’s For Me
9. Rare & Beautiful Thing
10. When You Were Mine
11. You Don’t Have To Try
12. Boggey Key
13. When We Were Beautiful
14. Flying (reprise)

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Musical Style: Singer / Songwriter

Released: Out Now



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