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“Jesus f*** they’re cool as shit” Beat Magazine”

Following the launch of their new EP NAKED at the Raval, Surry Hills on Wednesday March 9, [ME] are proud to announce that they will hit the road with Brisbane rock outfit, Dead Letter Circus, on the band’s national tour this March and April.

March 18, 2011 marks the official Australian release of NAKED via MGM distribution. The 4-track EP brings together the bands’ spectacular blend of symphonic pop and stadium rock sounds and will feature sound art, pulsating synths, and a Californian pool party of guitar tracks. Mixed in the UK by Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian), NAKED effortlessly combines the sublime aesthetics of timeless career artists with youthful enthusiasm to make this quality neo-rock genre an art form of their own design.

We caught up with Mikey Godde to chat about the bands upcoming EP Naked, EP launch, national tour and delve deeper into why the band’s reputation as a live act to be reckoned with keeps growing and growing.

Thanks Mikey for taking the time to chat.  So you have your new EP Naked coming out in a few weeks, with the album launch in Sydney next Wednesday.  Stating the obvious, you must be looking forward to getting the EP out there…
Yes definitely. It’s the first time where we have released something that rivals our live show in terms of quality and all that.  We’ve never really had the time or money previously to record something properly.  Now that we have Barny on board, our producer over in the UK, it’s great as he just makes everything sound banging!

Let’s start with the basics first – what brought the band together and what is the inspiration behind the band name?
We all moved to Melbourne, except for Spike who already lived here, for the purpose of looking for a band.  That’s why we rehearse 4 or 5 times a week as that’s all we want to do.  I go to a lot different music festivals and actually met our guitarist at a nudist festival haha!  We hit it off and started jamming a lot and then found the other guys.  We typed in our influences into a website called Melband and that’s how we found Luke who was a freaking legend and then we found Spike.

As for our band name, well I would love to tell you it was some magical story but it’s not.  We had like over 1,000 band names, it was retarded, way too big and we had no idea what we were going to call ourselves.  We had our first gig coming up and had no name, then someone as a joke said let’s call it ME.  Everyone laughed and we just stuck with that as it made us laugh!  The only problem is that all these record label douchebags were trying to get us to change the name because it was “ungoogleable” and telling us they would be interested in the band only if we changed our name.  But we werent interested in that, we like the name and think it’s hilarious!  So we are going to keep it and the label we have signed with haven’t even mentioned it!

For the benefit of those who haven’t yet heard your music, how would you describe your sound?
It’s kind of over the top rock I guess.  Everything we do is over the top, even our shows are pretty theatrical.  Not like spandex suits and face paint, when we play big shows and stages for our own gigs we will have a 10 piece brass orchestra and a 10 piece drum troupe and a choir!  So sometimes there will be up to 30 people on stage.  The live show is what we all really care about and that’s why we are looking forward to getting out there to the world.  Playing in front of big audiences is what we like and we put all our energy into making sure the live show is something memorable. So far that’s been working really well for us!

As mentioned earlier, you are soon releasing your EP “Naked”.  How long did the process of writing and recording the songs for this take?
Well one of the songs was a brand new one which we thought was a really strong song and we took a dive with it and recorded it, even though we hadnt played that song live before as we normally workshop our stuff live for ages before we even think about recording a song.  We were originally just going to release that one song, but then we got signed and shit started happening so we recorded three more songs.

You have had the EP mixed by Barny Barnicott in the UK, was he someone you had speficially sought out based on prior work of his?  What was the soundscape you were searching for?
Well we got signed in the UK to Lizard King Records and because of that we were given a list of what was effectively our dream producers.  Its kind of funny as most of the producers we have worked with so far have been mates down the road haha!  Then we had a list in front of us of all these wicked producers and he was one of them. We went through and listened to the work of all these guys and we just chose him based on the stuff he has been doing which is pretty rocking and hi-fi and we like to go down that hi-fi road.

Whilst on the UK, you have been signed to a UK label correct…what are the details surrounding that?
To be honest we don’t even really know haha, well I guess we have a fair idea.  I think they had been watching us for ages.  We did some big showcases and got heaps of interest from all over.  We did Big Sound and One Movement which are like a few big industry showcases here in Australia.  From there, everytime we would play live there would always be lots of interest, but nobody really snapped us up and we kept going about our business. Then as soon as we got this offer from someone else, Lizard King jumped on us that day.  It’s funny how everyone seems to know what’s going in within the music industry!  I mean literally the day the other offer happened these guys got in contact with us and had a really, really good offer. So I guess they were just watching us from a distance!

So is the intention to head over and record in the UK also?
We are probably going to find out today actually when the dates are.  But yeah, we have a big tour coming up first around Australia with Dead Letter Circus.  So we were initially going to be heading over earlier bit we got offered that tour, but that’s a really sweet tour to get!  So it’s looking like April/May.

And whilst you mention the Dead Letter Circus tour, tell us a bit about what’s coming up with that?
That’s all selling great, the Corner Hotel show all sold out yesterday and theres been another one added.  It’s a good tour covering Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.  It’s really good over in Perth, it’s got a whole different vibe entirely.  The ocean looks much nicer and the people tend to be better looking over there too!

In terms of your songwriting, what do you consider to be the most important ingredients that must be included?
We usually come up with ideas independently and then bring it to other people and then they will usually finish it off.  It usually starts with an idea and then gets worked on in the rehearsal room.  Our singer and piano player has heaps of cool ideas, so he usually is the one to start something and then we mess it up a lot and make it crazy, because that’s what we like to do!  We like bands such as The Mars Volta and Radiohead and stuff like that.

Just further on the musical influences within the band, are they vastly differen’t between band members?
No, not vastly, we tend to meet in the middle really.  Luke and Damian really like classical music and myself and our drummer, we like The Mars Volta and Tool a lot and more of that crazy stuff.  But we all meet in the middle with things like 60’s rock and we all love The Beatles.  I would challenge anyone to try and beat us in Beatles trivia!

Just back to the EP specifically, what can you share about the artwork you have chosen that graces it’s cover?
We have this guy called Ken Taylor, who our drummer is lucky enough to have worked in the same office as this guy.  Ken has been doing artwork for us since we have been playing at The Evelyn, the early days.  He’s been featured in Rolling Stone and currently doing work for Queens Of The Stone Age, The Mars Volta, Nine Inch Nails.  He’s got stuff going on that guy, he’s amazing!

With 2011 already a few months down, here’s a chance to gaze into your crystal ball.  In 2011, ME will have:
1. Well we are certainly hoping to survive all the disasters that seem to be heading our way.  But we are all ninjas so I am sure that will happen!
2. One thing we will be doing is recording an album. That’s all we have ever talked about, we turn into like kids in a candy store whenever we talk about it.  We want to make like a really really. wicked debut album!
3. Travel and explore the world and play to big audiences!
Essential Information

From: Australia

Sounds Like: Over the top Rock!

Band Members: Damien Tapley, Michael Godde, Mike Rogers, Luke Ferris


Latest Release: Naked
Catch [ME] at the Raval, Surry HIlls on Wednesday March 9  and with Dead Letter Circus around the country this March and April.
“A live show like no other” Inpress Magazine
“… the kids are simply more than alright; they are on fire.” Rave Magazine
“…totally rocking!” Triple J
“They left most punters with their jaws on the floor” Timeoff Magazine

Listen to the NAKED EP here:

43 Wentworth Street, Surry Hills
Wednesday March 9. The Raval. Macquarie Hotel, Surry Hills.
Tickets $12 + booking Fee on sale now from: Moshtix , Oztix and

Fri March 25. The Tivoli. Brisbane
Sat March 26. Metro Theatre. Sydney
Sat April 2. Corner Hotel. Melbourne
Fri April 8. Metropolis. Fremantle

Tickets from

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