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Toxic Heart


One of the most rewarding aspects of running May The Rock Be With You has certainly got to be the buzz of discovering new rock bands scattered the world over, combined with building a community where we all share awesome new music we may not otherwise get to discover….the whole concept of these ‘Best Things You’ve Never Heard‘ features.  Recommended to us by one of our readers, comes our latest feature, Toxic Heart a hard rockin’ band from Slovenia. I dont know about you, but it’s certainly our first Slovenian music experience!

To give an insight into the band and what they are about, I quote the band’s official bio: “Ride Your Life is more than just a song title, it is a motto for any generation whether young or old. Whatever age you are at right now, could be ‘the best age of your life’. Sometimes you just have to let go and Ride Your Life and not let your life ride you.  This is our music – great, catchy, and memorable hook laden songs, coupled with fantastic musicianship with a great positive message. Truly, what the world is really in need of today.  Toxic Heart is here to spread good times, positive energy and a “Life is here to Enjoy” – way of thinking.”

How did the band come together and what was the inspiration behind the band name Toxic Heart?
Mike: It was back in ’07 when I was spending way too much time with Rider and Mogy haha. We all liked the same things and forming a band was simply something that had too happen. A few weeks later we asked Axl to join us and we were ready to tour!

Can you introduce each member of your band and give us an interesting “fact” about each!
Axl – he’s a »heart-breaking« vocalist.

Rider – »sporty-muscled« bass player

GG – »genius/retard« drummer

Mike – »brainstorming« guitarist.

I think that says it all haha.

What or who inspires or influences your music the most?
Rider: I’d say every member of the band with his lifestyle. In music mostly 80’s era.

You recently recorded/released your debut album, how did you find the recording experience?  Being such an energetic band was it a struggle to be stuck in the recording studio?
Rider: Well it was my first time and it was simply awesome. I love being in the studio because you get too lay down all your feelings and it’s so awesome because you’re there in the making and get to see how all the songs evolve. I don’t think Mike and Axl were so pumped up as I was since they have a lot of studio experience from various bands they used to play before.

Your music features big hooks and choruses and has an upbeat vibe.  What are the key things that absolutely must feature in a Toxic Heart song…or did we already steal your answer haha?
Mike: You got pretty close but you left out the most important thing: I’d say that a feelgood vibe is present all the time. We’re not talking about wars, depresion or any negative stuff.  I think people are stuck in this crazy world and due to the lifestyle that the world orders them to live, they forget about themselves. You should never do that.  Life is short man, you gotta have fun. I ‘m not saying fuck everything, but take time for yourself. When you look back what would you rather say? Oh man, I missed those years, or Fuck yeah, what an awesome time and I can’t wait for more! Never forget to Ride Your life!

You have released a video for the single for Ride Your Life, which looked like a lot of a fun to make.  What is the concept behind the song ‘Ride Your Life’ and just how many takes did stunts like the water slide need haha?
Rider: Mike, Mogy and I sat down, wrote down the plan and get the blueprints. It was so good! I know we had to work like two weeks too set up the stage because we did it ourselves and I don’t regret a thing.  If you watch the video, it is all about having fun and acting like a kid sometimes because I think that being insane from time to time keeps you sane hahah. All the funny things in the video were spontanious and happened on the sight and that’s why I think are all so pure and honest.

Speaking of “stunts” you have just launched the Toxic Heart YouTube channel – the trailer features you guys in a number of action sequences!  What crazy ideas do you have planned for your TV channel and who is the bands biggest action man?
Mike: It’s Rider. No doubt!  He’s good at every sport. Then comes Axl, I mean like have you seen his awesome perfect body? Damn athletes! Hahaha. I suggest you stay tuned in for more videos cause it will all be so crazy, live shows, backstage pass, adrenaline stuff, our hereos, travel everywhere, bitch to our sponsors….well annoy them to give us more guitars hahahah. Stay tuned guys!

What kind of movie do you think your music would be best suited to and why?
Rider: OUR OWN! We actually have a script for our own movie but we would need like a million bucks to film it. Can anyone transfer the money to our Paypal? The script is pure awesome!

Tell us about the song titled Scorpions which has a definite Scorpions vibe to it…or are we just imagining it!
Mike: Well there’s no such song on our album…I guessed someone pulled a prank on you hahaha. I believe you think Eyes Of A Broken Man. The song’s about things that matter the most in life. If you read the text you’ll see that “at the end of a day you’re alone and times like this wonder what a fool you’ve been”….. Read it and get the idea….like Iron Maiden said don’t waste your life searching for those wasted years.

Toxic Heart is the first Slovenian rock band we have heard…tell us what the music scene is like in Slovenia, are there many rock/metal bands like yourself?
Rider:…… and the best Slovenina hardrock band! Hahahah. Scene is pretty much small since only 2 million people live in Slovenia. Allthough it’s the most beautiful country in the world – just behind Australia hahaha! There are maybe a few garage bands we hang out with and I guess that’s it. Thrash and hardcore is a bit more popular in bands and we all get along just fine! Maybe you should check out our really cool friends Frame (!/pages/Frame/140547905996447). We like ’em very much!

What is it that you love most about being rockstars?
Mike: Being a rockstar! Hahaha kidding bro. We don’t consider ourselves as rockstars because we know how much it takes to get where we want to be. We’re just a bunch of really funny hard working guys that love to play what we play. We keep it professional and can’t imagine doing anything else in our lives.

If you could play your music to any one of your musical heroes, who would it be and why?
Rider: There’s nobody specific. Everyone who likes our music is our hero!

Now here’s your chance to gaze into the future, by the end of 2011, Toxic Heart will have…..
Rider: »Million hits on YouTube! Hahahahahaha.« Some new videos, more crazy TV and live shows, a brand new Special Edition Album, more empty JD bottles and hopefully no kids! Hahaha!

Essential Information

From: Slovenia

Band Members: Axl – Vocals, Mike – Guitar, Rider – Bass, GG – Drums


Latest Release: Ride Your Life (Independent Release)

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